Looking after your health and wellbeing during the Coronavirus Pandemic


 We are living in extra-ordinary times and all of us at the University – staff and students – have had to make adjustments to the way we live, where we live and how we live.

This has affected nearly every aspect of our lives, as we work and study from home, and live in a more restricted and physically isolated world.

Any change in our lives can be stressful, but sudden and unpredicted change can be particularly challenging. The University has created this webpage to give you ideas and advice on how best to negotiate these difficult times, as healthily, pro-actively and effectively as possible. 

You can find information about our services and how you can access support for your Health and Wellbeing during the current situation, including including information on your safety

Nottingham City Council has provided campaign materials and government information in multiple different languages about the Coronavirus. You can find them here.

If you are self-isolating, here is some information on looking after your health and wellbeing and where to access support if you need it

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Looking after your mental health and wellbeing

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Looking after your physical health and keeping active

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Looking after friendships and relationships

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Looking after yourself as an International student

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Looking after your faith and religion



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