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MGS Module Enrolment

Use this form to register for advanced training if you are either:

  • an ESRC funded student either with the Warwick or Birmingham DTCs; or
  • An ESRC funded student with the Midlands Graduate School DTP, and based at one of the following institutions: Warwick, Birmingham, Leicester, Loughborough or Aston

University of Nottingham students should visit this page for module enrolment instructions.

  • Midlands Graduate School Module Enrolment
    This form is for ESRC-funded students based at the Universities of Warwick, Birmingham, Leicester, Loughborough and Aston to register on Advanced Training courses at the University of Nottingham.
  • Section One: About You
    Please provide the following details about yourself in order for us to be able to enrol you as an occasional student at Nottingham.
  • Name
  • Please tick to confirm that you are on an ESRC funded studentship
  • Please let us know here if you are taking these modules as part of the '1' (Masters) of a 1+3 programme. If you are not, please leave this question blank.
  • Your address
  • Section Two - your training
  • Which Advanced Training module(s) would you like to attend? (you may choose more than one)
  • Section Three: Privacy Statement and Submission
  • Privacy Statement
    Privacy Statement We will use your personal data provided in this form to register you as an ‘occasional student’ in order to be able to enrol on your chosen module(s). Your personal data will not be shared or disclosed to any third parties external to the University of Nottingham, except with your Home institution in accordance with the Midlands Graduate School’s credit transfer agreement. From time to time anonymised information (e.g. class sizes) may be shared with other consortium members for monitoring purposes. By submitting this form you understand that your personal data will be collected by the University of Nottingham for the purposes outlined above and the personal data will be kept for the lifetime of the Midlands Graduate School ESRC Doctoral Training Partnership. For further information regarding: how your information is held, including how we maintain the security of your information, your rights to access information we hold about you, how to update us on any changes to your details or to withdraw your consent for your data to be used for the purposes outlines above then please contact:
  • Pre-requisties: please tick to confirm:
  • Assessment: please tick to confirm
  • Permission: please tick to confirm:

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