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Antonino La Rocca

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Dr Antonino La Rocca is a member of the Fluids and Thermal Engineering Research Group.

Recent Publications

  • RUSSO, C., APICELLA, B., LA ROCCA, A. and SIRIGNANO, M., 2023. Fluorescent carbon dots synthesis in premixed flames: Influence of the equivalence ratio: Carbon Carbon. 201, 659-666
  • HAFFNER-STATON, E., AVANZINI, L., LA ROCCA, A., PFAU, S. A. and CAIRNS, A., 2022. Automated particle recognition for engine soot nanoparticles: Journal of Microscopy Journal of Microscopy.
  • NASIR, U., CHOWDHURY, S., LA ROCCA, A., CHEN, Y., YANG, T., WHEELER, P., GERADA, C. and BOZHKO, S., 2019. A SiC based 2-Level Power Converter for Shapeand- Space-Restricted Aerospace Applications In: IEEE PEDS 2019.
  • P. H. CONNOR, A. LA ROCCA, Z. XU, M. DEGANO, C. N. EASTWICK, S. J. PICKERING and C. GERADA, 2019. Air-Cooling of a Hollow High-Speed Permanent Magnet Rotor In: International Electrical Machines and Drives Conference (IEMDC), May 2019, San Diego, CA.. 1216-1221
  • ROCCA, A. L., CONNOR, P. H., XU, Z., EASTWICK, C. N., PICKERING, S. J. and GERADA, C., 2019. Thermo-mechanical modelling of bearing chambers of a high-speed starter/generator
  • A. LA ROCCA, S. MCKNIGHT, A. LA ROCCA, A. CAIRNS and C. GERADA, 2019. Modelling of cylindrical Li-Ion batteries thermal behaviour under different cooling configurations In: Vehicle Thermal Management Systems Conference and Exhibition - VTMS14, IMechE.
  • S. LA ROCCA, A. LA ROCCA, D. GERADA, G. VAKIL, A. WALKER, M. AL-ANI, C. GERADA and K. PACIURA, 2019. Numerical study of the impact of different cooling arrangements on a high length/diameter ratio motor for electric commercial vehicle In: International Conference on Electrotechnical Complexes and Systems, Ufa, Russia.
  • P. H. CONNOR, A. LA ROCCA, Z. XU, C. N. EASTWICK, S. J. PICKERING and C. GERADA, 2018. Numerical Investigations of Convective Phenomena of Oil Impingement on End-windings In: The 9th International Conference on Power Electronics, Machines and Drives (PEMD), Liverpool, UK.. 17. 4022 - 4026 (In Press.)
  • BOZHKO, S., YANG, T., LE PEUVEDIC, J., ARUMUGAM, P., DEGANO, M., LA ROCCA, A., XU, Z., RASHED, M., FERNANDO, W., HILL, C. I., EASTWICK, C., PICKERING, S., GERADA, C. and WHEELER, P., 2018. Development of Aircraft Electric Starter-Generator System Based-On Active Rectification Technology: IEEE Transactions on Transportation Electrification IEEE Transactions on Transportation Electrification.
  • XU, Z., LA ROCCA, A., ARUMUGAM, P., PICKERING, S. J., GERADA, C., BOZHKO, S., GERADA, D. and ZHANG, H., 2017. A Semi-Flooded Cooling for a High Speed Machine: Concept, Design and Practice of an Oil Sleeve IECON 2017 - 43RD ANNUAL CONFERENCE OF THE IEEE INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS SOCIETY. 8557-8562
  • P. ARUMUGAM, Z. XU, A. LA ROCCA, G. VAKIL, M. DICKINSON, E. AMANKWAH, T. HAMITI, S. BOZHKO, C. GERADA and S. J. PICKERING, 2016. High-Speed Solid Rotor Permanent Magnet Machines: Concept and Design IEEE Transactions on Transportation Electrification. 2(3),
  • A. LA ROCCA, Z. XU, P. ARUMUGAM, S. J. PICKERING, C. N. EASTWICK, C. GERADA and S. BOZHKO, 2016. Thermal management of a high speed permanent magnet machine for an aeroengine In: XXII International Conference on Electrical Machines (ICEM).
  • A. LA ROCCA, C. N. EASTWICK, S. J. PICKERING and C. GERADA, 2016. Numerical and Analytical Thermal Modelling of Directly Oil-CooledHigh Speed Synchronous Permanent Magnet Machine In: International Heat Transfer Symposium and Heat Powered Cycles Conference.
  • Z. XU, A. LA ROCCA, S. J. PICKERING, C. N. EASTWICK, C. GERADA and S. BOZHKO, 2015. Mechanical and thermal design of an aeroengine starter/generator In: IEEE International Electric Machines & Drives Conference (IEMDC).
  • A. LA ROCCA, S. J. PICKERING, C. N. EASTWICK and C. GERADA, 2014. Enhanced cooling for an electric starter-generator for aerospace application In: 7th IET International Conference on Power Electronics, Machines and Drives.
  • P. ARUMUGAM, C. GERADA, S. BOZHKO, H. ZHANG, W. FERNANDO, A. LA ROCCA and S. J. PICKERING, Permanent magnet starter-generator for aircraft application In: SAE 2014 Aerospace Systems and Technology Conference, ASTC.

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