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Angel Recalde Lino

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I obtained my Electrical and Automation degree in 2007 from Escuela Superior Politecnica del Litoral, Guayaquil-Ecuador. After 5 year of industry experience, I attended The University of Queensland to complete a Master of Engineering Science in Electrical Engineering degree. After 1 year collaborating in the public sector, I joined Escuela Superior Politecnica del Litoral as a tenure track professor and have been involved in research since.

Expertise Summary

During my work experience I developed expertise in remote monitoring and control platforms such as SCADA, DMS, automation, and CAD design for electrical engineering systems in the oil industry. I contributed to several kinds of projects including SCADA projects for electric utilities (substations integration, thermal & diesel generation implementation). I have also contributed to the public sector as planning engineer and the academia as tenure track professor. As a consultant, I am constantly involved in the design of substation automation systems and research on the integration of new technologies for transportation electrification.

Teaching Summary

I am deeply concerned about the major role Data Science will play in future decades. Then I am committed to utilize data science tools appropriately in power system engineering.

Research Summary

I am currently part of the optimization of more- and fully-electric aircraft power system architectures team, within the Power Electronics and Electrical Machines group.

The shift from fossil fuels to environment-friendly options has its expectations on transportation electrification. Thus it is compulsory to provide a solid basement to deploy cost-effective solutions in modern econonomy.

Past Research

I have had contributions in the power system field with several topics such as reliability, distributed generation, renewable generation applications, and stability.

Future Research

I will perform research in the transportation electrification field.

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