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Ifty Ahmed

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Dr Ifty Ahmed is part of the Advanced Materials Research Group.

Expertise Summary

Areas of expertise include, Phosphate-based glass production and characterisation including Phosphate glass-fibre (PGF) production. We have recently installed and commissioned both a melt-draw and pre-form draw fibre manufacturing systems. We are also working with industrial partners to scale-up manufacture of these resorbable glass fibre materials. Work is also underway to manufacture phosphate-glass fibre textile materials.

Recent work has also focused on manufacture of resorbable biocomposites using PGF as reinforcement to tailor mechanical properties and resorption characteristics, mainly for bone repair applications. Applications for these resorbable biocomposites span fracture fixation devices including, plates, screws and intramedullary nails.

Also currently working on manufacture of microspheres (ranging from 60 - 350 microns diameter) from a range of materials to include, glasses, glass ceramics and polymers. These microspheres have been produced in both bulk and porous forms, with a wide range of porosity levels.

Alternate research investigations have included calcium phosphate cements and drug delivery materials.

Main interests include, Biomaterials, Bioengineering, Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Devices.

Recent Publications

Future Research

I welcome enquiries from potential PhD candidates from Home, EU and international countries who are interested in the following research areas: Biomaterials, Bioengineering, Phosphate-based Glasses, Bioglasses, Resorbable fibre composites, Microspheres, Orthobiologics

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