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Research Summary

Research Topic

World Mythology and Folklore: A Re-imagining of Cultural Stories and Figures

A poetry collection that re-imagines various stories and figures from different mythologies, accompanied by a critical essay that examines this through the lens of ethnopoetics.

Research Summary

This creative and critical thesis will explore world mythologies and folklore by re-imagining mythical stories and figures, drawing upon themes of polytheism, origin, landscape, emigration and travel. Consisting of a full collection of poetry (60 pages) and an accompanying critical essay (15,000-30,000 words), my thesis will be a reaction to the occidental bias towards classical mythologies (i.e. Roman and Greek), and mythologies interwoven with various western countries' heritages (e.g. the infiltration of Norse mythology into English culture due to Viking invasion).

My aim is not to discredit classical mythologies, but to present them within a broader collection (including, for example, Russian and Slavic, Native American, Egyptian, Inuit, and Chinese myths) that will be structured thematically rather than geographically, to both highlight parallels and diminish any sense of hierarchy.

I will examine the project through the lens of ethnopoetics, defined by Jerome Rothenberg as 'non-Western, non-canonical poetries…from ancient and autochthonous cultures' (Poetry Foundation, 2018). As my work will require an understanding of such texts and their traditions, an exploration of the history, forms, techniques and patterns of these sources will be crucial.

Research Interests

Mythology, Literature, History, Poetics.

Research Supervisors

Assistant Professor in Creative Writing, Faculty of Arts - Dr. Lila Matsumoto

Associate Professor in English Literature, Faculty of Arts - Dr. Adam Rounce

Professor of Viking Studies, Faculty of Arts - Dr. Judith Jesch

Primary Funding Sources

School of English PhD Research Scholarship with the Drama and Creative Writing Research Group

Research Institutes, Centres and/or Research Clusters Membership

Drama and Creative Writing Research Group, The University of Nottingham

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