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Katherine Irons

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Research Summary

BA (Hons) English Studies : University of Nottingham

MSc Communication and Entrepreneurship (Distinction): University of Nottingham

PhD Student: Thesis Pending: University of Nottingham

My principal research interests lie in the field of applied sociolinguistics, multi-modal discourse analysis and qualitative linguistics. I am broadly interested in interdisciplinary approaches to professional communication, with a special emphasis on health-related communication. My PhD research focuses on multi-modal approaches to online communication, in particular health-related websites. This approach to health communication research involves a qualitative, critical exploration of herbal weight-loss supplement websites which investigates the stimulating commercial discourses and attendant themes. My research emphasis is on how the marketers employ textual and visual codes of medical and pharmaceutical nature, and what this tells us about societal attitudes towards health and weight-loss. This research largely involves examining the phenomenon of medicalisation and pharmaceuticalisation, the process whereby non-diseases are defined as diseases, and treatments for benign and active bodily states are increasingly treated with drugs.

I am also a member of the Health Language Research Group (HLRG), an interdisciplinary body of health researchers and practitioners at UoN.

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