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Ali Ben Mustapha

PhD Researcher,



Currently, I'm PhD researcher working on how to understand current agricultural system functioning in Q'a Shubayqa (Jordan) and projecting future scenarios of climate change impact using crop simulation models.

Basically, I'm graduated with Master of Research in agricultural and territories management from the Paul-Valery University Montpellier III (France) and an agricultural science engineering diploma from Tunisia. In the past four years, before starting my PhD, I was holding the position of agronomist manager in a farm covers an area of 150 ha, specialized in vegetable production, arboriculture and cereal located in north Tunisia. I was in charge of planning and implementation of crop rotation plans for the agricultural year. Also doing a preliminary technical study for each crop production system including dates and doses of sowing, choice of varieties, choice of seed treatment products, tillage, choice of phytosanitary products (herbicides, fungicides, insecticides) and fertilizers, technical diagnose and traceability of the different crops after implantation and modifications of the work plans in case of needs. Furthermore, supervising of the operations for the different crops installed: soil preparation, sowing, phytosanitary interventions, fertilization (foliar and mineral) and harvests. Dealing with climate alterations and finding solutions to avoid damages.

Expertise Summary

My expertise vary between Agronomy and sustainable development: Mediterranean cropping systems, sustainable management of natural resources (water and soil), precision agriculture, agricultural modelling and mapping, big data management, climate risks and spatial-temporal analysis, soil fertilization and crop nutrition, agricultural consultancy, development of simulation games to aid decision-making in agriculture.

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