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Chloe Brown

Right Lab Research Fellow, Faculty of Social Sciences



I am a Research Fellow for the Rights Lab (Data and Measurement Programme) specialising in the application of Earth Observation (EO) data and related geospatial techniques to observe activities associated with labour exploitation and modern slavery. I received a BSc (Joint Honours) degrees in Geography and Environmental Science from the University of Dundee (2011 - 2015), followed by a PhD in Geography (NERC Envision Studentship) from the University of Nottingham (2015 - 2019). My research background centres on data processing and analysis across a variety of different remote sensing platforms and systems, including broadband satellite, very-high resolution satellite, LiDAR (discrete return and full waveform), and field based spectroscopy.

Past Research

PhD title: Remote sensing investigation of how oil palm cultivation is degrading Malaysia's tropical peatland ecosystem services.

My previous research interests revolved around the application of remote sensing systems in ecological studies, with a particular focus on improving our understanding of environmental degradation and ecosystem services in tropical peatlands.

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