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Hazel Wilson

PhD Researcher,


Teaching Summary

Demonstrating experience is summarised below:

2nd Year River Processes and Dynamics - Field visit to Porlock in Somerset and Dovedale in Derbyshire, teaching river survey techniques including; measuring sediment size distribution, sampling macroinvertebrates, measuring flow, and surveying the topography. Also leading small group laboratory flume demonstrations of river processes.

3rd Year Management and Restoration of Rivers and Lakes - Field visit to Attenborough Nature Reserve, Nottingham. Teaching on lake management strategies and ecological survey techniques.

1st Year Geographical Fieldcourse - Field visit to the Lake District, teaching standard physical geography field techniques.

3rd Year Practical River Management and Restoration: Mt St Helens fieldcourse - Field visit to Mt St Helens in Washington USA. Teaching survey techniques, and practical river management in the North Fork Toutle River which has been dramatically affected by the 1980 eruption.

Research Summary

Research topic: Understanding the role of litter in streams to inform sustainable management of urban infrastructure

Litter is ubiquitous in most urban rivers with significant implications for water quality as well as sediment and water conveyance. Additionally, anecdotal evidence suggests that litter may provide important habitat for fish, invertebrates and aquatic plants, especially in streams with otherwise uniform morphology, substrate and flow regimes.

My research will examine the effects of litter on habitat heterogeneity and its interactions with sediment, flow and ecology. I particularly focus on how aquatic macroinvertebrates respond to litter at different scales. This research will be used to inform future management of urban waterways to ensure resilience in the context of a changing climate, whilst also maximising the habitat potential of these anthropogenic environments.

Research interests: Aquatic Ecology, River Restoration, Fluvial Geomorphology

Twitter: @HazelWilsonn

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