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Kieran Phelan

ESRC DTC Doctoral Researcher,


Teaching Summary

Teaching |

I have provided a range of teaching at the University of Nottingham, including lecturing, tutorials, seminars and small group teaching. I have also provided teaching assistance, project facilitation and marking. This experience is summarised below:

GEOG1001 | Geographical Field Course | Lecturing, Project Leading and Small Group Teaching

Team Teaching on Understanding a Region: The Cumbrian Coast | Themes include: Place Branding, Industrial Heritage and Economic Change

Project Leader on Finding and following foodways: place, identity and heritage in the Lake District | Themes include: Retail, Food and Branding Geographies

L81008 (2017-18) | Tracing Economic Globalisation | Lecturing

Lecture on Theorising the 'Commodity': Chains, Networks and Relations

Lecture on Following our Things: Getting Behind the Fetish

Lecture on Consumer Politics in an Age of Globalisation

GEOG3018/ L83165 | Geographies of Fashion and Food | Lecturing and Demonstrating

L83165 (2017-18) - Small Group Teaching

Interactive Workshop on 'Local' and 'Ethical' Food

Interactive Workshop on Theorizing and Conceptualizing the Geographies of the Body.

These interactive workshops supplemented module lectures, to enhance student understanding.

GEGO3018 (2018-19)- Lecturing

Film Screening and Workshop on Fashion Revolution and The True Cost

Lecture on Valuing and Questioning Slow Fashion

Lecture on Branding Geographies and Placing Brands

GEOG1005 | Tutorial | Seminar Leader

Tutorial on 'Finding' and 'Following' Our Fashion 'Things'

GEOG1015 | Career Skills for Geographers | Marking and Assessment Support

Assessment marking of CV and Reflective Diaries

Research Summary

Current Status

PhD (full-time)- currently registered

Research Topic Title

Slow Fashion, Made in Britain and the emergence of transparent supply chains: weaving the geographies of Harris Tweed

Research Summary

Kieran's research looks at the geographies and ethnographies of fashion, making, craft and work. Critically looking at how luxury value is accrued and communicated along commodity chains, Kieran is exploring the geographies of Harris Tweed. Through reviewing the cloth's underpinning places, people, provenance and craft, Kieran's research explores how all of these elements are embroiled within the commodification of the cloth. His research is ethnographically informed, with part of his research involving a relocation to the Outer Hebrides to 'follow' the cloth, from sheep, to shelf. His research interests more broadly are concerned with economic and cultural geographies, and of questions of 'value' and work within the 'creative' economy.

Research Interests

The 'Creative Industries' | The Geographies of Work and Labour | The Geographies of Production and Consumption | Consumer Politics | Making, Craft and Quality | Place Branding | Branding Geographies | Value, Quality and Luxury |

Research Supervisors

Professor Louise Crewe

Dr Shaun French

Primary Funding Source(s)

ESRC Doctoral Training Centre

Research Institutes, Centres and/or Research Cluster Membership

Economic Worlds Research Cluster

Conference Papers & Presentations

Giving Fast Fashion the Boot: Valuing Slow Fashion in the Northamptonshire Footwear Industrial Cluster, RGS-IBG Annual Conference, September, 2016, London, UK.

Giving Fashion Fashion the Boot: Valuing Slow Fashion in The Northamptonshire Footwear Industrial Cluster, End of Fashion Conference, December, 2017, Wellington, New Zealand.

Tying In: Early Reflections from Weaving the Geographies of Harris Tweed, Fashion, Costume and Visual Cultures Conference, July, 2018, Zagreb, Croatia.

Seeing is Believing: Craft, Work, and the Geographies of Harris Tweed Weaving, Fashion, Costume and Visual Cultures Conference, July 2019 (forthcoming), Roubaix, France.

Loom with a view: capturing, showing and telling stories of Harris Tweed, RGS-IBG Annual Conference, September, 2019 (forthcoming), London, UK.

Additional Information

Fashion Revolution- Student Ambassador Liaison- Lead for the United Kingdom 2017-18

RGS-IBG Postgraduate Forum Annual Training Symposium Coordinator 2016-2017

News Editor for the RGS-IBG Geography Directions Blog- 2016-2017

School of Geography Equality and Diversity Committee- Postgraduate Representative

Co-Editor of the Future of Work pamphlet for The Young Fabians (forthcoming)

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