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Sarah Kelsey

PhD Student (part-time),


Research Summary

Current Status

PhD (part-time)- currently registered

Research Topic Title

An exploration into the market and consumption of yellow-sticker food.

Research Summary

The aim of this research is to examine changing food acquisition strategies and consumption practice within the context of contemporary debates concerning austerity, rising food prices and food waste. It will do this through the study of the sale and consumption of yellow-sticker foods within the retail space of the supermarket and by examination of their use post-purchase within domestic food practices.

Research Interests

Supermarkets, market devices, domestic practices, grocery shopping, food waste and money-saving.

Research Supervisors

Professor Louise Crewe

Carol Morris

Primary Funding Source(s)

ESRC Doctoral Training Centre

Research Institutes, Centres and/or Research Cluster Membership

Economic Worlds Research Cluster


Kelsey, S., Morris, C and Crewe, L. (2018) Yellow-sticker shopping as competent creative consumption, Area.

Conference Papers & Presentations

Kelsey, S., Morris, C and Crewe, L. (2018) Incorporating data from the self into consumption research, Academy of Marketing, University of Stirling, July 2018.

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