Transformation of Chemistry and Pharmacy Degree Provision
Kenya-Nottingham Partnership
University of Nottingham

Transformation of Chemistry and Pharmacy Degree Provision 

A Kenya-Nottingham Higher Education Transformation Partnership



The Transformation of Chemistry and Pharmacy Degree Provision Partnership is led by the University of Nottingham (Prof. Robert Mokaya and Prof Claire Anderson) as a collaboration between the Schools of Chemistry, Pharmacy and Education. Kenya intends to create a globally competitive and adaptive workforce to meet the requirements of it’s rapidly industrialising economy.

The partnership will engage colleagues from local Kenyan healthcare, chemical and pharmaceutical industries to co-produce and evaluate a plan to reinvigorate the content of outdated chemistry and pharmacy courses.


The partnership is comprised of the University of Nottingham, Kenyan academics from five partner universities, the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) , the Kenyan Manufacturers Association and the Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya.


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