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Applied Algebra and Geometry Research Network

This research network brings together UK academics who are interested in applications of algebra and geometry, and related algebraically-minded fields, be it commutative algebra, representation theory, group theory, process algebras, as well as algebraic geometry, category theory, and algebraic topology. The scope extends to computational algebra for applications including data-science, biology, medicine, engineering, physics, etc.

The activities of the Applied Algebra and Geometry research network are funded by the London Mathematical Society, the Edinburgh Mathematical Society, and the Glasgow Mathematical Journal Trust.



Emilie Dufresne, University of Nottingham

Heather Harrington, University of Oxford

Dimitra Kosta, University of Glasgow

Upcoming meetings:

31 January 2018: Fourth meeting, Nottingham

Past meetings:

21 September 2017: Third meeting, Oxford

18-19 May 2017: Second meeting, Edinburgh

21 February 2017: Inaugural meeting, Nottingham

3 June 2016: Applied Algebra mini-workshop

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