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Jessica Maclean

Research Fellow/Experimental Officer, Faculty of Science


Recent Publications

  • JESSICA O. MACLEAN, JONATHAN R. HODSON and K.T. VOISEY, 2015. Laser drilling of via micro-holes in single-crystal semiconductor substrates using a 1070 nm fibre laser with millisecond pulse widths Proc. SPIE: Industrial Laser Applications Symposium (ILAS 2015). 9657, 965704
  • MACLEAN JO, GREENAWAY MT, CAMPION RP, PYRAGIUS T, FROMHOLD TM, KENT AJ and MELLOR CJ, 2014. III-V semiconductor waveguides for photonic functionality at 780 nm In: Integrated Optics: Devices, Materials and Technologies XVIII. 8988. 898805
  • BONGS K, MALCOLM J, RAMELLOO C, ZHU L, BOYER V, VALENZUELA T and MACLEAN J, 2014. iSense: A Technology Platform for Cold Atom Based Quantum Technologies: Optical Society of America, Research on Optical Sciences, 18 - 20 March 2014 Grosser Stern, Messe Berlin Exhibition Grounds Berlin, Germany, Quantum Information and measurement, QTu3B 18th March, 2014. In:
  • SAMANTA PIANO, BO LU, CHRISTIAN KOLLER, JESSICA MACLEAN, CHRISTOPHER MELLOR and MARK FROMHOLD, 2012. Towards using atom chip technology to map and control solid-state devices In: International Conference on Atomic Physics, Paris.

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