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Ozgun Tursun

Doctoral Researcher, Faculty of Social Sciences



I am a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Politics and International Relations and a member of Centre for Conflict, Security and Terrorism. My research focuses on historical comparison of British hegemony and American hegemony with a particular focus on their declines.

Research Summary

Thesis Title: Rethinking the decline of hegemony: A historical comparison of Belle Époque and Longue Durée


  • Andreas Bieler
  • Matthew Rendall

This research will investigate the correlation between a hegemony's productive power and its ability to lead by contemplating the role of consent mechanisms during the decline period of hegemony by comparing 'financialized' periods of British and American hegemonies. The study aims to problematize 'economic deterministic' view of the prevalent course of analysis in the field of international relations by using the unity of consent and coercive power of the hegemony. This study also intends to overcome the inadequacies of macro level theorizing of the hegemony by following a Gramscian line of thinking which defines hegemony as a moral and intellectual leadership of a dominant group in a given society. To summarize, this work endeavors to offer a comprehensive analysis on the debates about relative decline of the American hegemony.

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