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Elisabetta Zontini

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I have a Laurea degree in Political Sciences from the University of Bologna and an MA in Contemporary European Studies from Sussex University, where I went on to do my DPhil. My doctoral thesis is currently being transformed into a book which will be published as 'Transnational Families, Gender and Local Contexts. The Experiences of Moroccan and Filipino Women in Bologna and Barcelona' by Berghahn. Before joining the University of Nottingham in 2007 I was Research Fellow for the Families and Social Capital ESRC Research Group at London South Bank University where I conducted research on Italian transnational families. In 2006 I was also visiting Research Fellow at the International Gender Studies Centre at Oxford University.

Expertise Summary

I have developed a transcultural and transnational perspective on families:

  • by working in three European contexts (UK, Italy and Spain);
  • with a multiplicity of cultural family constructions/relations and migrant groups (Filipinos, Italians, and Moroccans);
  • documenting different forms of domestic relations which cut across the nuclear family, class, ethnicity, religion, nations, etc.

My research falls in two broad areas:

  • transnational and ethnic minority families in Britain and Southern Europe, with special reference to issues of gender and generation; geographies of care; rituals; identities and values; ageing.
  • the transformation of European families and their increased reliance on foreign domestic workers and carers (international transfer of care giving; exploitation)

I will be happy to supervise students on any topics related to the above.

Recent Publications

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