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Robert Marin is a PhD student in Sociology and Social Policy researching international cooperation on modern slavery. This research includes a focus on the concept of "twining" together the areas of origin and destination for trafficking, from different jurisdictions, as a foundation for a more structured and pragmatic approach to international cooperation. Given the changes generated by Brexit, Robert's research will also explore the subsequent impact on the ability of the EU Member States to cooperate with the UK on modern slavery.

During his career of almost 25 years in the Romanian law enforcement and diplomatic service, Robert has participated in and developed unique partnerships on judicial cooperation, particularly on modern slavery. He currently leads the Consular Affairs Section of the Romanian Embassy in London (2018-2021), had held different senior positions in the Romanian administration, culminating in Secretary of State (Minister) for International Relations in the Romanian Ministry of Internal Affairs (2017-2018), and previously worked with the UK Anti-Slavery Commissioner's Office as a special advisor on international cooperation between the UK and Romania.

Robert has a BA (Hons) degree in Law and Policing from the Police Academy of Bucharest / Romania, as well as an MSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice from the University of Leicester/UK.

PhD researcher (part-time)

Future Research

Robert's PhD research will be focusing on international cooperation in the area of Modern Slavery between the countries of origin (in this case Romania) and those of destination (UK). It will attempt, employing an original mixed-methods research design, to "twin" together the main regions in the two jurisdictions, potentially providing a better foundation for the development of policy and practical measures.

Given the changes generated by Brexit, the research will also explore the subsequent impact on the ability of the UK to cooperate with the EU Member States on modern slavery by benchmarking the findings against the pre-Brexit British-Romanian relationship and further proposing a model of cooperation post Brexit.

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