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As part of the Nottingham Reading Programme, the Rights Lab and Faculty of Social Sciences have organised loads of events throughout the year. We’ll be adding more events and confirming dates, times and locations as the year goes on, so don’t forget to check back.



These events will firstly be a place where we can better understand modern slavery and learn how we can contribute to ending it by 2030, which is a target of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  We will be hearing from slavery survivors and world-leading experts, and hosting workshops and film screenings.


We want to do something to help end modern slavery! So these events will also give you the opportunity to become advocates and raise awareness, and funds for anti-slavery work.  We will be hosting photography exhibitions, music nights, and even a campus fun run.


What you need to know

View the table below to see a list of events taking place throughout the year.
 Event Description Time/date Location
Women's Health Interprofessional Masterclass  Aimed at Health Sciences students. Come and hear new research regarding FGM and slavery and understand what this might mean for you and your career. Register online. 19 February 2019, 5-8pm  LT4, Queens Medical Centre, Nottingam, NG7 2UH
Photography Exhibition  Exhibition of photographs taken by survivors of modern slavery depicting their experiences. Open all day to drop in for free. Speeches will be given by the artists at 6pm.  Tuesday 5 March, 11am-7pm Portland Atrium
Fun Run  5k run on campus to raise funds for the work of Anti-Slavery International. £5 entry. Hosted by the UoN Anti-Slavery Society and recreational running society. March 2019  The Downs, University Park Campus 
Sounds Against Slavery  Hosted by the UoN Anti-Slavery Society. Live music night to raise funds for the work of Anti-Slavery International.   March 2019 TBC 
Fast Fashion as a Cause of Modern Slavery Do you know who made your clothes? April 2019 TBC
Lunchtime Talk  Professor Zoe Trodd - Ending Slavery by 2030. 45-minute talk, 15-minute Q&A. Free entry. Wednesday 1 May, 1-2pm Lakeside Arts Centre