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I am Professor of Metaphysics at the Department of Philosophy, University of Nottingham. I am also Head of Department and Research Officer for philosophy. Outside the University, I am known mainly for my work on dispositions and laws, which I see as some of the core issues of contemporary metaphysics. My other research interests are diverse and include natural kinds, causation, truth, aesthetics, Bertrand Russell and the origins of analytic philosophy. An archive of the works of the late philosopher George Molnar is an ongoing project. This Web Page is mainly about my research though there is a link to teaching material for my modules (see links at bottom of this page). If you have visited this page before, you can see what's new in Recent updates.

Current Research
I have recently completed a monograph on the metaphysics of natural laws entitled Laws in Nature, which was published in July 2004 with Routledge. I am now working on a number of new projects. These include a book on the work of David Armstrong for Acumen, to be published in June 2007, a book on causation to be titled Getting Causes from Powers and a book on the philosophy of sport titled Watching Sport: aesthetics, ethics and emotion. I have a list of work in progress that gives more detail.

Speaking Engagements
My Diary lists engagements in the next and previous academic years. I am always happy to receive invitations to speak at philosophy conferences and seminars.

Reviews, Refereeing and Media
I am unlikely to be able to take on any more reviews unless it is something I am very keen on. You are welcome to try. You may also approach me about refereeing though I am also subject to constraints. I don't generally do media though I might make an exception for quality radio or written journalism.

I was born in Wakefield, West Yorkshire on July 31st 1965 and attended Outwood Grange School. After working as a civil servant for three years, I read Philosophy and History of Ideas with Politics at Huddersfield Polytechnic (now University). After that I entered the Philosophy Department at the University of Leeds to take an MA in Philosophy of Mind. There I met Robin LePoidevin who became my PhD supervisor. I was awarded a PhD in 1994 for 'Dispositions and Reductionism' and was offered a two-year lectureship at Leeds. I left to join the department at Nottingham. I am married to Margaret, who also took philosophy at Leeds, and we have three sons, William (1998), Oliver (2000) and Charlie (2005). I am a member of the International Association for the Philosophy of Sport, the British Philosophy of Sport Association (current Chair) and the Aristotelian Society. I am on the editorial boards of Analysis and Metaphysics, Journal of the Philosophy of Sport, Sport, Ethics and Philosophy, Linguistic and Philosophical Investigations and Review of Contemporary Philosophy. Philosophy and football are the two passions of my life.

[Right: with 'Tycho Brahe', Ven, Sweden, April 2002]

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David Armstrong
Chesham: Acumen (forthcoming, 2007).

Laws in Nature
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Paperback edition with a new Preface, 2003,
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Paper on causation
The Monist special issue on singular causation (forthcoming, 2008)

'Negative Truth and Falsehood'
Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society (forthcoming, 2006)

Replies to Critics
Symposium on Laws in Nature with Alexander Bird, Brian Ellis and Stathis Psillos
Metascience (forthcoming)

Truthmakers for Judgement Calls
European Journal of Sports Science (forthcoming)

Kinds, Essences, Powers
Ratio (forthcoming, 2005)

Function, Structure, Capacity: Vermaas on Function Ascription to Technical Artefacts and their Components
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Reference and New Essence
Maison des Sciences de l'Homme, archives audiovisuelles de la recherche


Dispositions and Reductionism
University of Leeds, 1994

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