Installation of Chancellor


The Ceremony

The Installation Ceremony has established Sir Andrew Witty as the seventh Chancellor of The University of Nottingham, its most senior officer.

During the ceremony, the Vice-Chancellor invited Sir Andrew to assume the office of Chancellor.

Once he was installed, the Chancellor confered three honorary degrees on distinguished friends of the University.

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Academic staff, Pro-Vice-Chancellors, Members of the College of Benefactors and Members of University Council

This procession enters to choral music prior to the beginning of the ceremony, as the last few members of the congregation take their seats.

Platform Party

The installation ceremony begins with the procession of the platform party to the stage. On the platform are officers of the University, including the Chancellor, and the honorary graduands with their Public Orators.

Announcement of the appointment of the Chancellor by University Council

The Registrar reports on the appointment of Sir Andrew as Chancellor at
the meeting of the Council on 23 October 2012.

Appointment of the Chancellor

The Vice-Chancellor invites Sir Andrew to assume his office and Sir Andrew gives his acceptance. Sir Andrew leaves the platform, escorted by the Marshal and the Esquire Bedell, to change into the Chancellor’s robe.

Procession of the Chancellor

The Chancellor processes back to the platform in his robe of office escorted by the Esquire Bedell, the Marshal and a Page.

As the Chancellor approaches the platform, the Vice-Chancellor moves from the Presiding Officer’s chair. From this point in the ceremony the Chancellor presides. Symbolically, the Vice-Chancellor removes his hat in deference to the Chancellor, who retains his.

Conferral of honorary degrees

The Chancellor confers honorary degrees on Mr Stefano Pessina, Mr John Robinson and Mr Edgar Wallner.

Close of ceremony

The national anthem is played. The platform party, Academic staff, Pro-Vice-Chancellors, Members of the College of Benefactors and Members of University Council process from the hall.

Sir Andrew Witty




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