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Which students use Blue Castle Results Publishing?

UK campus based students with the following exceptions:

  • Undergraduates in Nursing or Midwifery
  • Pre-sessional English (CELE) students
  • Undergraduate medical students will not have access to the My Progression profile and will be told their progression status by their School Office
  • PGR students will not see the My Progression profile


What if I have been on mobility to Ningbo/Malaysia?

Your actual module marks will be available through the Ningbo/Malaysia version of Blue Castle. Your study on those campuses will normally appear as credit transfer at a later date on your UK record. Your progression status will be viewable through Blue Castle.  



What do I do if I am a Nursing/Midwifery/pre-sessional English (CELE) student?
Midwifery and Nursing students should go to the Nursing Intranet through the Portal and Pre-sessional English (CELE) students should go to Moodle.


How do I access Blue Castle Results Publishing?
Go to and log in using your University username and password.


Will I receive an email with my award, my marks and my progression profile?

The majority of students will receive an email when their results have been released. Students who have been advised of an earlier/later release than the main release will not receive an email.

If you haven't received an email:

a) Check that you are a student who should receive an email.

b) Students will not receive an email when results from the August/September assessment period are published.

c) Check that your mailbox has sufficient space to receive the email.

d) Check that the email has not ended up in your spam email.


How do I find out whether I have to take any resits?

My Progression profile in Blue Castle and the email about your progression will include any resit requirements and you should check the examination timetable to find out when you are expected to attend. 

Full details of the University’s academic regulations are available online.  If you have queries about further assessment please contact your Student Service Centre for further information.


How much is the resit fee and how do I pay?

Information on fees. Resit fees can be paid through the Portal in October.

Different fees can apply to some subjects, e.g. Social Work repeat placements, PGCE practical teaching resits and research students.  



Can I take my resits overseas and how do I pay my resit fees?

Yes, if your School allows that, but you must register by the published deadline. See the Examinations section of the Student Services - Service Development website for details on how to do this, which modules are excluded and where you might be able to take your exams. There is an additional fee for this as well as the resit fee, which can be paid through the Portal.  



How do I find out when my exams are?

To find out the exact dates, locations and times of any examinations, please visit the Examinations section of the Student Services - Service Development website.


How do I find out about submission deadlines for assessed work?

Information on submission deadlines for assessed work will be displayed via the My Progression tab on the Portal.



When will I be able to see information about my degree/award, my marks or my progression on Blue Castle?


What do I do if I have queries about something that I’m seeing?

In the first instance you should contact your School/Department to discuss the issue.


What do I do if I had extenuating circumstances (ECs) which I have not yet reported?

Refer to the Extenuating Circumstances Policy and Procedures in the Quality Manual. There are time limits on when you may submit ECs.



What do I do if I had extenuating circumstances which I have reported and I think they may not have been taken into account?

Your School should have notified you of any action they have taken as a result of a claim for ECs, but if they have not, you should contact them in the first instance. It might be appropriate to appeal – see the question below.  

The Education Advisers in the Students’ Union offer help and advice if you are considering appealing or submitting late claims of extenuating circumstances. Contact details for this service are found online.



What do I do if I want to appeal against a decision about my progression or award?

Refer to the Academic Appeals Policy and Procedure in the Quality Manual.  





What do I do if I don’t know my username or have forgotten my password?

Contact the IT Service Desk by phone: +44 (0)115 95 16677 (24 hours a day), email: or by self-service:

If you have forgotten your password, please follow this link to reset it by answering your security profile questions.



I can’t get into Blue Castle although I have my username and password – what do I do?

  • Are you one of the students who should be using it? – See above.
  • Is it that Blue Castle is busy? – The system retries every thirty seconds so please try again and remain logged on until you get through. If you still don’t get through, or you’ve been trying for a while, get in touch with the IT Service Desk by phone: +44 (0)115 95 16677 (24 hours a day), email: or by self-service:
  • Are you on a wireless connection to the University’s network? –  If so, check that you are on UoN Secure rather than UoN Guest.
  • If there are significant issues there will be a notice on the IT status page at


I get an Access Denied message when I try to log in – what should I do?

Try closing down your browser completely and clear your history/cache then reopen. On a PC use the appropriate menu (Tools in Internet Explorer (IE) and Firefox, main menu in Chrome, settings menu on an iPad). If the problem persists contact the Service Desk by phone: +44 (0)115 95 16677 (24 hours a day), email: or by self-service:



When I log in using Internet Explorer the page does not display properly – what should I do?

Close and reopen Blue Castle and when prompted about whether you want to accept secure items select ‘Yes’. (If you select ‘No’ there is an issue with the display.) An alternative solution is to add the Blue Castle site ( to your list of trusted sites through the Internet Options > Security tab, Trusted Sites, Add the URL, Close, Apply and Refresh.



Why can’t I see my award/marks/progression status?

This might be for a number of reasons, for instance:

  • Your home School has not yet returned a recommendation.
  • The marks have not been returned (e.g. you took your examinations overseas and the paper was late being returned).
  • You were not in the UK when you took those modules (mobility/credit transfer modules will be entered later and actual marks can be accessed either through the Ningbo/Malaysia version of Blue Castle or from the institution at which you were studying).
  • You are not a UK based student (although students on mobility form China and Malaysia will be able to see marks for the modules taken here).
  • Your School has advised you of an earlier or later release date.


My friend can see their marks/other information and I can’t – why is that?

Marks and other information may be released later for some students. It is dependent on the School having returned the information. As soon as we have it, we will be publishing it, so keep checking back.


I want to print my marks out but it doesn’t work – what should I do?

In all common browsers apart from Firefox this should work. This is a known Firefox shortcoming and we can’t solve it. If using Firefox log off and back in using another browser.  





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