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Transferring, withdrawing or interrupting

Students may for various reasons need to interrupt their studies, transfer their studies to an alternative course or withdraw from their studies altogether.  If you feel this is owing to difficulties you are having with your studies or University life in general then there are University resources that may be able to assist you with such problems.


If you wish to interrupt, transfer or withdraw from your studies, please follow these steps:

  1. Speak to your School, ideally your tutor, about the possibility of interrupting, transferring or withdrawing from your studies.  They will advise on the possibilities open to you, as well as any potential implications.  They will also be able to advise with regard to appropriate timing and time limits of interruptions.
  2. Fill in the relevant form which can be found within the Quality Manual:  interruptions/withdrawals; transfers.
  3. Please get your School to sign the form. Withdrawal forms do not require a school signature.  It is for the School to decide whether to approve your request to interrupt/transfer your studies.
  4. In the case of international students the Specialist Processes – Immigration will also need to sign the relevant form.
  5. Return your form to the relevant Service Centre for processing. Forms can also be returned electronically as long as there is a signature on the form and the email has been sent from your University email address.
  6. You will receive an email confirmation when your request has been processed.





You may still have to pay/owe fees if you interrupt your studies or withdraw. You need to consult your funding body (eg Student Finance England or other sponsor) before interrupting your registration. The University is not able to guarantee the resumption of any external grant or loan. If you interrupt your study and return to repeat a stage/semester you will be charged the appropriate tuition fee for the repeat period of study. A full breakdown of liability of fees whilst interrupting or in the event of a withdrawal can be found in Section 7 of this link.

The Financial Support team can offer advice and guidance and will be able to discuss the options open to you and their consequences.

The Student Loans Company (SLC) will be informed by the University when a withdrawal, transfer or interruption has been processed in cases where students are in receipt of a loan. You can also contact the SLC to inform them of your change of circumstances



Access to facilities
Students whose registration status is interrupted are not entitled to attend any teaching or take any assessments and will not pay tuition fees whilst not registered. Depending on the length of interruption they might not have access to library or IT facilities. They are subject to relevant regulations of the University, such as Traffic Regulations, the Regulations for Library and Computer Use and the University's Code of Discipline for Students.


A change of circumstance may have an effect on your accommodation situation. If you have issues regarding accommodation you should go to the Accommodation Office to discuss your circumstances.


Implications for Tier 4 student visas
Changes to your student status may have an impact on your immigration status. For more information on your specific situation, please see Student status change immigration advice or contact Specialist Services – Immigration for further advice.


Eligibility for awards based on study taken prior to withdrawal

If you have successfully completed one or more stages of your course you may qualify for a lower award. Contact the relevant Service Centre if you think you may be eligible.

You can also get a document confirming the marks and modules you have completed prior to your withdrawal. You can apply for a leaver's transcript through the online shop upon your withdrawal. There is a charge of £10 for this document. You will automatically receive an official diploma supplement listing your modules and marks with your certificate if receiving an award




Careers Advice

Careers advisers within the Careers & Employability Service offer independent and impartial guidance.  They can help if you have changed your career intentions since starting your course and with the career implications of not completing your degree or starting a new one.

They can also help you think about possible employment options if you are looking for work during an interruption in your studies or if you are thinking of leaving higher education altogether, as well as referring you to useful sources of help and advice.

For more information and to book an appointment, please visit, or if you can ask questions by going to or calling +44 (0) 115 951 3680. 


Further information

Information about the consequences of interrupting, the timing of interruptions as well as about the conditions of your return to study can be found in the Voluntary Interruption of Study section of the Quality Manual.

Information on transferring courses on undergraduate and postgraduate taught programmes is included in the Changes of Taught Course section of the Quality Manual.


Change of Circumstances FAQs



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