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Before your exam

  • Check your Timetable - Please make sure that you check your Individual Timetable on the Portal carefully. If your Individual Timetable appears to be incorrect contact the Exams Office as quickly as possible for further advice.
  • Examinations and Parking - usual University of Nottingham parking regulations apply. Students can NOT park for their examinations unless they have a permit.
  • Legibility of Written Work - You may need to write for long periods of time during an exam. If this is something that you haven't done for a while, try to practice in advance. If you know you have problems with illegible handwriting contact Academic Support for support and guidance on strategies to improve.
    Also see the University's policy on the Legibility of Work Submitted for Assessment.
  • Take ID with you - Ensure you take a form of Photo ID with you to the exam. This should normally be your Student ID card but a valid Passport, Photo Driving License or other National Identity Card are also acceptable forms of ID.
  • Leave valuables at home - You will be expected to leave your bag away from your desk during exams, and therefore you should not bring valuables to the exam room . If there is no alternative then please ensure that mobile phones, smart watches, tablets etc. are turned off. Wallets, purses and keys can now be taken to your desk, but must be stored underneath and must not be accessed at any point during the exam. The University is not liable for losses experienced during exams.
  • Late Arrival - Make sure that you leave sufficient time to get to your exam. If you arrive late for your exam you will be allowed to enter the exam room during the first hour although you will not be allowed any additional time at the end of the exam to compensate for late arrival. If you arrive after the first hour you will not be allowed to enter the exam room. If you are late arriving for an exam you should fill in an Extenuating Circumstances form if you wish to make your School aware of the circumstances

What can I take to my exam desk?


What can I take to my exam desk?

What can't I take to my exam desk?

Pens, pencils, highlighters, erasers, pencil sharpener, ruler, coloured pencils Mobile phone, smart watches, pagers, MP3/MP4 player, iPod, tablet computers, laptop computers, personal organisers, electronic dictionaries, unauthorized calculators, any other electronic device
Small quantities of food and drink (must not disturb other candidates, and must not be annotated in any way or you may be suspected of cheating You must make sure that the only materials you take to your desk are those listed on the front of the paper with you at your desk
Permitted translation dictionaries  
Permitted calculators  

Permitted materials (clean copies of books, notes etc)

Wallets, purses and keys can be taken to your desk, but they must be kept under your desk at all times.  

 During your Exam


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