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  • Invigilators - Invigilators are responsible for the exam room once you have entered and until you leave. You must obey all instructions given to you by an invigilator during the course of an exam.
  • Misconduct - Invigilators have the authority to remove any unauthorised materials or devices from a student. Materials or devices removed will not be returned until any investigation has been completed. The procedure can be found in the Regulations on Academic Misconduct. The University will not be liable for any loss or damage to removed materials or devices. The University views Academic Misconduct extremely seriously and instances of this nature may have serious implications.
  • Talking/contacting other students -You are not allowed to pass anything to another student during the exam. You should ensure that you have everything that you will need during the exam with you. You will not be allowed to share dictionaries or other materials with other students during the exam. You are not allowed to talk to other students once you have found your exam desk. Any talking or other contact with other students once the exam has started is likely to be regarded as Academic Misconduct.
  • Checking exam paper and provided materials -  The front cover of your exam paper will give information on the paper that you will be sitting (module number, module title, semester and year). This should match the details on the desk card on your desk. If the paper details do not match the desk card, raise your hand to contact an invigilator immediately. The front cover will also list any additional materials which will be provided for the examination (for example, MCQ answer sheet, statutes, charts). At the start of the exam, check the provided materials carefully to ensure that you have everything that you will need for the exam. Contact an invigilator immediately if anything listed is missing.
  • Contacting invigilator(s) - If you need to ask the Invigilator a question or request additional paper, raise your hand and wait for the invigilator to come over to your desk. Do not shout out to attract the invigilator's attention or leave your desk to speak to an invigilator.
  • Noise in exams - Some noise in an exam room is normal given the number of students sitting. Students may arrive late or leave early and there is a need for invigilators to collect desk cards, mark registers, resolve issues or questions raised by students and give out additional paper, etc. There may also be minor noise from outside the exam room for short periods during an exam. More serious disturbances will be investigated by the invigilator(s) who will ensure that these are resolved as quickly as possible and that, where appropriate, the Exams Office and your School/Department are informed of the level of disruption caused.
  • Illness during an exam - If you are unwell during an exam, raise your hand and wait for the invigilator to come to your desk. If you are too ill to continue then you will be accompanied from the exam room. You will not be allowed to leave until the first hour of the exam has passed although if you are a registered patient at Cripps Health Centre you can be taken there during Health Centre opening hours. After the first hour has passed you will be allowed to leave if well enough to go. If you are able to continue with the exam after a period of time for recovery, you will be allowed. However, you will not be given any additional time. In both cases, you should complete a University of Nottingham Extenuating Circumstances form and return this to your School as quickly as possible.
  • Toilet breaks - You will be allowed to leave the exam room to go to the toilet (but please go beforehand). Raise your hand and wait for the invigilator to come to you. You will be escorted by an invigilator. Only one student per specific exam will be escorted to the toilet at any one time.  All toilet breaks will be noted and reported to the module convenor or marker. Students will not receive additional time to their exam duration for toilet breaks (this will not affect students who have toilet breaks as part of their alternative arrangements).
  • Leaving early - If you wish to leave the exam early, raise your hand and wait for the invigilator to come to your desk. Do not leave your desk to take your answer book to the invigilator so that you can leave. Do not remove your answer book from the exam or it will not be marked.  You will not be allowed to leave the exam during the first hour or last fifteen minutes (this will differ in alternative arrangement exam rooms). If the duration of the exams is one hour or less you will not be allowed to leave until the end of the exam.

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