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Frequently asked questions about examinations at The University of Nottingham. Click on a question below to see the answer.

How do I know which exams I will be entered for?

You can check your module entries on the Courses section of the Portal. Once the timetable has been published students will be unable to change their examination entries. If you see an error with your module choices please contact your Service Centre and ask for an Exceptional Module Enrolment Amendment Form.

What should I do if I have a module(s) missing from my Resit August 2018 Exam Timetable?

There could be one of three reasons for this:

  • If you have AEA arrangements (e.g. additional time, use of a computer, rest breaks) the Exams Office are manually inputting locations for some exams. Information will appear on your individual timetable in due course when room locations are published on 6th August 2018. For details of the date and time of the exams (AEAs are arranged on the same date/time unless you have an adjustment to start time), please refer to the exam timetable:
  • There may be a clash of exam arrangements. Please contact your Student Services Centre to report the clash on or before 10th August 2018. 
  • The module enrolment information on your student record may be incorrect. You can check this with your Service Centre. If amendments are required, the Service Centre will need to send the Exams Office your full name, student ID number and the module codes and titles of the modules that need to be removed from your timetable together with the module codes and titles of the modules that need to be added to your timetable.  You will then be able to view the changes on your individual student timetable. 
When is the timetable published?

The timetable will be published WITHOUT LOCATIONS on Monday 30th July 2018, and WITH LOCATIONS on Monday 6th August 2018. You will be able to access your personal timetable via:

the Portal 

MyCal. via    and via the App at

via the MyNottingham App


My expected exam is not appearing on my timetable?

If there is an examination missing on your timetable you should first check that your module entries are correct on the courses section of the Portal

If your entries are not correct then you can contact the exams office at  and ask to be entered for your exam. All request for changes received before 10th August 2018 will be acted upon within 5 working days. Requests for amendments received after 10th August 2018 may take considerably longer to be acted upon. Any changes received after this date may not be reflected in your personal exam timetable. If this happens, you will need to refer to the main examination timetable for the date, time and location of the exam:

You will be able to attend the exam but you will not have a seat number or a desk card and you will be asked to complete a green registration card.  You will need to take your Student ID card with you to the exam.

If you have alternative arrangements and your timetable does not say ‘AEA Arrangements’, please contact the Exams Office immediately ensuring that you give your full name and student ID number -


My seat number and location is not showing on my timetable?

The locations of examinations and your individual seat numbers will be added to your personal timetable on Monday 6th August 2018. Please be aware that if your exams take place in an alternative arrangements location, you will not have a seat number.

 If your timetable is still not showing your seat number and locations by Monday 13th August 2018, please contact the exams office –


What can I bring into my exam?

Students are allowed to take pens, pencils, rulers, as well as small items of food and drink. Students may also take ear plugs provided that they are in a clear, sealed plastic bag. NB: If ear plugs are used, the onus is on the student to ensure that they listen to all announcements/instructions. The Exams Office will accept no liability for missed instructions due to the use of ear plugs. 

The items listed below are not permitted for use in an exam and must be SWITCHED OFF – not set to silent or vibrate. They need to be kept in bags/coats away from desks. (It is acceptable for these devices to be placed underneath the desk, but they MUST be out of the student’s reach).

  •  Mobile Phones
  • MP3/4 players
  • Fitbits
  • Smartwatches
  • Ipod
  • Tablet computers
  • Laptop computers
  • Electronic organisers
  • Electronic dictionaries
  • Unauthorised calculators
  • ANY OTHER device that allows remote connections, such as Bluetooth etc.

‘Non-smart’ watches are permitted but Invigilators have the right to examine the watch.

For full details on what can and cannot be brought into the room visit our ‘Before your exam’ webpage


How do I get my exam results?

The Examinations Office is unable to give out assessment results. Your school/Service Centre will advise when results can be viewed via Blue Castle

Can I take my exams overseas?

Under certain circumstances students can be permitted to take their examinations overseas. Arrangements will not be made for students who are on holiday or temporarily overseas during the examination periods. YOU MUST APPLY ONLINE FOR THIS – THE ONLINE FORM OPENS FRIDAY 6th JULY 2018 AND THE DEADLINE IS MONDAY 16th JULY 2018. NO LATE APPLICATIONS WILL BE CONSIDERED.  



What is an overseas exam?

An overseas is exam is any exam that the University Of Nottingham UK campus needs to arrange for UK based student to sit at an overseas institution. Students spending time on a year abroad in Malaysia or Ningbo are NOT eligible to complete the Overseas Exams Application form. The form is for students who have taken University of Nottingham UK modules ONLY.  If you have taken your exams in Malaysia or Ningbo and you wish to sit your reassessments/first sits in the UK, or at any other institution, please contact the Exams Office in Malaysia/Ningbo who will organise the exams for you. 

Malaysia named contact and email ID: Khairun Nisa Khiruddin 

Ningbo named contact and email ID: Simon Gao




I need alternative exam arrangements (additional arrangements), how can I arrange this?

 If you require alternative exam arrangements because of disability, dyslexia, specific learning difficulty or a long term medical condition you should discuss adjustments (extra time etc.) with a member of the Academic support or Disability support team – you will need to have been assessed by Monday 9th July 2018.

Once you have been assessed and the appropriate medical evidence has been accepted, arrangements can be put in place.  The Examination Office will automatically apply these arrangements for all centrally scheduled examinations. If you notice that your timetable does not state AEA Arrangements by the 6th August 2018, and you have been assessed, please contact the Exams Office immediately at .    


I am unable to sit my exams on certain days due to Religious Observance, what do I need to do?

If you are unable to sit your exams on certain dates or days then you must complete a Religious Observation form and submit it to your school. THE DEADLINE FOR THE SUBMISSION OF THIS FORM IS FRIDAY 6th JULY 2018. 



Where is the building my exam is being held in?

If you have seen a location on your timetable that you are not familiar with, please check our Examinations Locations Map to help you find your examination location.





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