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Alternative course offers


In some cases the admissions manager/tutor may not be able to make an offer for your chosen course but may make an offer for an alternative, related course.  This may occur at the original offer stage or at confirmation.

Alternative offers at original offer stage

If we are unable to make you an offer of a place on the original course for which you applied (due to competition for places or because you do not meet the exact entry requirements), we reserve the right to make you an offer on an alternative course.

If you are being made an offer for an alternative course, this will be made clear to you via UCAS Track and you will be sent an email explaining the situation.  If you are being offered a choice of alternative courses, this will be communicated to you via email and you will be asked to select an alternative course before the offer is made officially.

If an alternative course offer is made and accepted, at confirmation consideration for change of course back to your original choice will only be considered if you meet the requirements, there are places available and your application was not unsuccessful following interview. 

Even if you subsequently meet the grades for your original choice, you will not be automatically considered for your original choice.  If you wish to be, you are at liberty to contact the University via the appropriate route (eg Clearing for UCAS entry).

Alternative offers at confirmation

On receipt of your results, if you have accepted your offer as firm or insurance choice but have not met the exact conditions of your offer we may make you an offer of an alternative course.

This will be notified to you via email and will appear on UCAS Track (for undergraduate applicants).  You are under no obligation to accept this alternative course offer.  For undergraduate applicants, if you choose to decline the offer, you will either be released to your insurance choice or into Clearing.

Edited 21/4/17

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