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Educational Enhancement and Assurance Review


Educational Enhancement and Assurance Reviews (EEARs) are the University of Nottingham’s approach to ensuring we maintain high quality, competitive, and well managed academic programmes. Reviews are constructive and holistic exercises, covering quality assurance and quality enhancement, particularly in respect of the University's Transforming Teaching Programme. They operate according to a published schedule.


The purposes of programme review as stated by the Quality Assurance Agency are the following:

  • To consider the continuing currency and validity of programmes in light of developments in research, professional and industry practice and pedagogy (including the use of technology in learning and teaching), changes in the external environment such as requirements of professional, statutory and regulatory bodies, and continued alignment with the University’s strategy and mission
  • Whether students are attaining the intended learning outcomes and whether the assessment regime enables this to be appropriately demonstrated
  • To highlight where improvements to provision are possible in order to enhance the student learning experience and encourage the development of more inclusive approaches to learning, teaching and assessment.

Assessment of core teaching and learning activities

EEARs assess core teaching and learning activities in their institutional context, meaning they consider the communication, coordination, and management practices within the School. The review encompasses elements of the previous system of Teaching and Learning Reviews and must ensure that:

  • Qualifications offered by the School are in line with the University of Nottingham Qualifications Framework
  • The School adheres to the provisions of the Quality Manual
  • The School’s systems and procedures for dealing with staff and students are as effective as possible and support the University’s claims to provide high quality teaching and learning. The review should identify any areas of strength and weakness, and offer support and guidance where appropriate
  • Learning outcomes of programmes have an appropriate match to relevant QAA benchmark statements and are taught and assessed in a satisfactory manner.

Panels will include at least one member who is appropriately qualified and external to the University to ensure there is an independent and objective view, and there will also be student representation.  Panels will be provided with an information pack which contains sufficient qualitative and quantitative information to aid them in their work.






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