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The University has been making significant efforts to improve the student experience here at Nottingham.  With a view to ensuring the welfare of our students and supporting their academic progress, and given the external pressures from both the Home Office and the Student Loans Company for universities to monitor student attendance, Management Board has made the decision that an enhanced approach to recording the attendance of all students should be introduced from the beginning of the 2009/10 academic session.

Student Attendance Monitoring system

Regulations Governing Attendance and Engagement in the Quality Manual


Text for student handbooks is below:

Attendance Monitoring 


Students must attend all teaching activities necessary for the pursuit of their studies, undertake all associated assessments and attend meetings and other activities as required by their School or the University. Where students face difficulty in attending sessions or undertaking assessments and examinations, it is their responsibility to inform the relevant Student Service Centre of this fact and to provide a satisfactory explanation. Please see the Quality Manual for further details on attendance and engagement regulations at the University. 

Individual Schools and Departments have systems in place to monitor attendance during the academic year. Unauthorised absences are reported to Student Services – Service Development  and recorded as appropriate. Where students are absent without authorisation, to the point that it is not possible to continue with the course, Student Services – Service Development  will write to the student stating that they will be deemed to have withdrawn from the University and their student record will be amended to show that they have withdrawn.

Where required the University will report non-attendance to appropriate authorities including the Home Office and the Student Loans Company.  


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