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Closing and Suspending Programmes

All requests for closure or suspension of programmes should be made using the template available from the Forms and Guides section of these webpages. Please consult the Quality Manual policy for further guidance.  

Closure or Suspension of programme 

The University will automatically close any programme which has not had sufficient students registered upon it for three years, unless the School is able to demonstrate likely future recruitment of significant numbers of students onto that programme. More guidance on this can be sought from the Curriculum team

In cases where a School or Department wishes to recommend the closure or suspension of a programme, the Quality Manual policy should be consulted. The request should be made using the template available from the Forms and Guides section of these webpages and submitted to the Curriculum team. Where there are no current students or applicants, a programme closure request will be automatically accepted on behalf of Quality and Standards Committee. In other cases, the request will be forwarded to Quality and Standards Committee for consideration and in the case of programmes which are offered on multiple campuses, colleagues on those campuses must also be consulted. 

In submitting a recommendation to close or suspend a programme, the administering School must:

  • Confirm that the Faculty PVC has been consulted if the programme being closed is financially viable, successful or strategically important.
  • Confirm that any partner Schools/institutions have been consulted
  • Provide the rationale for closure or suspension 
  • Provide proposed arrangements for students currently registered on the course
  • Provide proposed arrangements for applicants who have accepted offers of a place on the course

Please note that requests to close or suspend a programme to new entrants made after 1 May in the academic year preceding the academic year of entry will be referred to the Admissions Office and International Office for consideration and agreement. This it to allow an assessment to be made on the potential impact on applicants, reflecting the fact that by this date applicants may have made arrangements at some cost to themselves (accommodation, visa, travel etc) on the understanding that they will be registering on the programme in September.

Requests to close or suspend a programme to new entrants may not be made after 1 March in the academic year preceding the academic year of entry for UNNC programmes because of Gaokao recruitment requirements. 

 CM0001 - Closure and Suspension


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