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Welcome to the Curriculum team website. These web pages provide information and guidance which is intended to support colleagues in the application of Quality Manual policy relating to new and existing programmes and modules. 

Contact Us

If you can't find the information you're looking for in these webpages or if you have further queries, please get in touch:

For general enquiries about programmes:

For general enquiries about modules:

For general enquiries about module enrolment: 


Alternatively you can also contact a member of the Academic Processes Curriculum team directly: 

Nicolette Potton (Tuesday-Thursday) and Katrina Johnson, Senior Administrators

Telephone: 0115 95 14971 / 0115 74 84990 

For queries relating to:

  • the approval process for new and significantly revised programme specifications and the closure of programmes;

  • amendments to live year programmes and module records; 

  • curriculum management generally; 
  • annual module approval processes.

Adele Szeghalmi (Tuesday-Friday), Steffy Leferre, (Lisa Corbett, currently on maternity leave), Managers

Telephone: 0115 84 67790 / 95 14658

For queries relating to:

  • delivery of processes around programme and module approval, including taught courses on the Asia campuses

  • support for Schools in the drawing up of business cases and programme specifications

  • advice on significant changes to existing programmes
  • Quality Manual guidance.

Kath Bowden, Senior Manager (Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday)

Telephone: 0115 84 67791

For queries relating to:

  • policy and strategy in areas related to curriculum.


Training Sessions

The Curriculum team provides training to staff on the Quality Manual curriculum policies. We can also offer sessions on the new programme approval processes with support from colleagues in relevant professional service areas. Our training events are managed through the University's Central Short Courses service. 

Training can also be offered on a more individual basis and be tailored to support your particular needs. If those events listed above do not suit, either because of dates or scope, please get in touch with the Curriculum team by emailing to see how we can help.


Schedule of Processes

We publish annually our deadlines for curriculum processes. These deadlines are usually determined by a need to have up to date information for the timetabling team to work with in advance of the academic year and/or to prevent changes being made to students when an academic session has already started.

Key dates for the 2017/18 session are:

New programmes for first intake in 2018/19 (ie programmes already approved to recruit in 2017/18)

Final deadline for submission of programme specifications for new programmes which received approval in 2016/17 to register a first intake in 2018/19.



New programmes for first intake in 2019/20 / major changes to existing programmes for 2019/20

First meetings with FPVCs to discuss strategic priorities for 19/20

November 2017

Drafts of Business cases or justification for major changes to be discussed with FPVCs

November 2017 onwards

Final deadline for submission of completed business cases for new programmes intending to register a first intake in 2019/20



Curriculum Updates

Deadline for 2018/19 course structure information to be submitted. This means the very basic curriculum structure: which modules are offered on which programme and whether at core or restricted level.


Deadline for all remaining 2018/19 updates and new module content to be submitted.


Deadline for requests for exemption from Academic Progression and Award Regulations (APAR) for 2018/19 session to be submitted.


Deadline for programme closure or suspension requests for the 2018/19 session to be submitted.


Exceptional FINAL deadline for all updates to 2018/19 programmes and modules data to be correct in Campus Solutions. No further amendments will be permitted after this date. 



Saturn Access

Programme & Module specifications and programme structure information can only be edited by those who have a SaturnWeb login and password. Some additional permissions are required to edit programme specifications  on Saturn.  

Saturn is now closed for editing for 2017/18. 2018/19 updates will be made directly into Campus Solutions. 


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