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Annual updating of module specifications

An annual cycle of module review and amendment is in place at the University. For exact deadline dates please see the schedule of processes. The deadlines fall earlier than in previous years to enable the Timetabling team to take an initial download to begin preparations for the next session's timetable and to begin the pre-registration module enrolment process for returning students.

Step by step guidance to entering and editing module information in Campus Solutions is available on our Workspace. The requirements for a module specification are set out in the Quality Manual

The initial deadline for making amendments to modules falls in November.  Module information in Campus Solutions remains open for editing until 1 May. As a number of processes that utilise curriculum data will be undertaken from mid-april, changes identified after the final May deadline should be for exceptional reasons (such as staff resignation) and will require APVC approval.

Once the session has begun Schools will not be able to edit modules in the academic session. It may still be possible to make a change, but please note the following:

If the changes to the module fit in one or more of the categories below, students enrolled on the module to be amended should be given the opportunity to comment on the change, and any objections (even if they come only from a small minority of students) should be reported to Quality & Standards Committee:

  • Changes to the module title
  • Changes to the learning outcomes of the module
  • Changes to the manner in which the module is assessed
  • A change to the assessment regulations which makes it more difficult for a student to pass the module
  • Change as to which School administers the module

Where a change to the title, learning outcomes, assessment, ownership, credit amount, or level of a module is decided upon prior to the start of the session in which the amended module will be delivered, but after returning students have selected that module, these students should be directly informed of the change at the earliest opportunity. Their consent to the change is, however, not required.

Reviving modules

When reviving modules that have been suspended or dormant ('Inactive' in Campus Solutions), the University’s one-in-one-out policy applies.


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