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Programme Changes

All changes to programmes should be reported to the Curriculum team.

Updating Programmes 

All changes to programme specifications must be reported to the Curriculum team. Students should also be informed of all changes to programme specifications which have a direct effect on their studies ie which will be introduced while the student is registered on the programme and affect stages of the programme the student has yet to complete. These changes should be clearly communicated to students, and a significant change should be discussed at the Learning Community Forum. Programme specifications for the following session should be updated by the published deadline.

Changes requiring the approval of Quality and Standards Committee

Quality Manual policy sets out the circumstances in which changes to a programme specification will require approval.  

If your programme does require re-approval we ask that a programme specification with tracked changes be submitted along with a memo detailing the rationale for the change to the Curriculum team via

Changes to programme titles 

Any planned changes to a course title should be reported to the relevant Learning Community Forum at the first opportunity and the student representatives given the chance to comment on the changes, preferably after consulting their colleagues. Where the students do raise any objections this should be noted in the request to change the title, should the School still wish to go ahead. The School should then submit the request to the Curriculum team by completing a Title Change Request form (available from the Forms and Guides section of these webpages). In the case of joint honours courses, Schools will also need to confirm that the change was agreed by all partners. Please note that it is likely that a new code will always be needed unless the change applies to existing students as well as new students or it is a very minor change.


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