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Submit a New Programme

A new programme proposal is subject to the University's new programme approval process which begins with the School submitting to the Curriculum team a Business Case and a Programme Specification. 

The requirements for a business case and programme specification, including a template for the business case and for the provision of external advice, are set out in University's policy on Programme Design, Development and Approval in the Quality Manual

Submission of New Programmes 

Schools wishing to introduce a new programme must submit the following documents to the Curriculum team:

  • Business Case
  • Programme Specification 

For the procedure regarding collaborative courses or managing higher education provision with others, please see the relevant section of the Quality Manual. External advice must accompany a Business Case and Programme Specification, and further details of this requirement are available in the Quality Manual guidance. 

Schools are encouraged to contact the Curriculum team in the first instance for guidance in producing the Business Case and Programme Specification.

In the preparation of the new proposal, staff are advised to consult with Faculty Financial Advisors, colleagues at other campuses (where appropriate) and colleagues from the following Professional Service areas for specific advice relating to:

Intake, income, fees and statutory reporting: Dr Andrew Hindmarsh, Head of Planning 

Evidence of market demand and recruitment strategy:

Admissions and Entry Requirements:

IT Services: Dale Pearson, Head of IT Campus Support

LRLR Collection & Access Management: Christine Middleton

Timetabling: Helen Howard-Jones, Head of Timetabling 

Academic and Disability Support: Lynette Outram, Specialist Process Manager (Accessibility)

Administrative resource: Chris Hulse, Director of Service Devliery

Collaborative provision: Georgia Thresh, Partnerships, Placement and Mobility Manager

Visa implications: Debbie Webb, Head of Specialist Processes


Consultation with Other Schools

It is the proposing School's responsibility to consult openly, fully and with currency, with any other Schools who are either involved in the delivery of the programme (which would include making use of other Schools' modules) or who might have an interest in the programme due to crossover in market. The proposing (administering) School should seek feedback and confirmation of the following:

  • That there is a clear understanding of any role that the contributing (formally or otherwise) School will play and that there is senior School agreement to undertake this role
  • That the local Teaching and Learning Committee has approved the role and contribution and any staff impacted are aware and in agreement
  • That the financial implications of involvement are understood

Where there may be some disciplinary crossover Schools should have clear and open discussions. Where possible agreement between the Schools should be reached and evidenced as part of the submission. Where no agreement has been possible this should be clearly highlighted in the case such that the Dean/s can take this into consideration.Where any consultation takes place the Quality Manual requires evidence of the discussion and outcome to be submitted with the business case including a named reference within the consulted Schools. 

Asia campuses

The requirements of the Quality Manual apply to all three campuses. The Curriculum team at the UK campus has overall responsibility for the area of curriculum though processes are managed locally in China and Malaysia, in collaboration with the UK team. If a new programme is to be developed for simultaneous introduction on more than one campus all interested parties must work together. The School is expected to be the lead, although individual campuses may be required to seek further approval from local external bodies prior to or during the approval process (For example, in Malaysia, the Ministry of Higher Education and in China, the Ministry of Education). Only when both University and relevant external approval has been given can the programme be advertised and delivered. A School intending to deliver a programme at one or more Asia campus is asked to contact the Curriculum team in the first instance. 



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