Your guide to living in halls




Putting you first


Our mission is to provide a great sense of community in a healthy, safe, clean and pleasant environment to enable students to learn, live and socialise.


The University of Nottingham aims to provide you with quality accommodation along with efficient services delivered by our friendly staff. In return as one of our residents, you have a responsibility to make a positive contribution to your new Hall community by following regulations set out in this guide, being considerate and courteous to your fellow residents and by respecting our neighbours who also live in our nearby community.


The Accommodation Code of Practice

Where you live is a big part of your University experience and for your protection we are accredited by the Accommodation Code of Practice





Safety on Campus


Your safety is always a priority when living in halls. We have a 24/7 dedicated university security team who cultivate a safe and secure environment on campus, whilst always being on hand if you ever need them.

The security team has many responsibilities including routine patrols, crime prevention and detection, and the investigation of complaints, to name a few.

Make sure you know how to contact the Security team. Here is the number you need: 0115 951 3013 




Useful Contacts
As well as security, there is a series of numbers that are worth knowing. You could screenshot this page or add them as contacts in your phone – so you know you always have them.

Phone: 0115 748 7600 for Welcome Point and Residential Experience

Phone: 0115 951 3557 (extension 13557) for Security Reception

Phone: 0115 951 3013 (ext 13013 internally) for 24 Hour Security Control
Phone: 0115 951 8888 (ext 18888 internally) for Emergencies ONLY

Security Control and Emergencies in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week
Hours of operation: 8.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday (for Security Reception at the rear of Hallward Library)





Fire Safety

The University maintains the highest standards of conduct when it comes to fire safety. We are committed to keeping everyone on campus safe. The key legislation covering fire safety is the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 – you can find out more here.

All fire safety measures are outlined at each residence, and you should familiarise yourself with the information that is specific to your hall. Please note that tampering with fire safety equipment will result in disciplinary action, fines, and replacement or repair costs.

For more information on fire safety, please visit this page.


First Aid

First aid kits can be found at your designated Welcome Point, if you ever need one. You can also contact the hall porter, or your Residential Experience Team. The security team is on duty 24/7 and can be contacted on 0115 951 3013.



If you have an accident you need to report it to a member of the Residential Experience team or your Welcome Point team as soon as possible.


Health and Safety 

Please report any health and safety concerns you may have to your Welcome Point team. 


Damage to Rooms

We know you may want to personalise elements of your space once you arrive. If you wish to, please do so in a manner that does not cause damage to the room. You should avoid using pins, tape or blu-tack as this is likely to leave marks.

When making use of shared areas within your hall, it is your responsibility to keep these free of damage. In instances where damage does occur, hall staff will try to identify the person accountable and if this is not possible, the costs will be distributed across occupants of the corridor or block in question.

If you become aware of any damage, you should report this to your Hall Management team as soon as possible. If students fail to report disrepair, there may be a cost implication. Content from rooms or shared areas should not be moved.


Prohibited Items

We want you to make your room a home from home. However, we ask that you refrain from bringing some items with you, to ensure your safety and that of your fellow residents.

Prohibited items include candles, tea lights and incense sticks. Door hangers may violate fire safety regulations, and are therefore banned.

The following electrical items are also prohibited; electrical toasters, hotplates, kettles (apart from a travel), microwaves, cookers (or any cooking appliance or food preparation item), irons, extension leads (unless it is fused), decorative lights (LED lights are permitted), electrical under-blankets, lava lamps and heaters.

Please note that food cannot be prepared in study rooms. Smoking and the use of e-cigarettes is permitted in designated smoking areas outdoors but is strictly forbidden inside all University buildings. While having barbecues within the universities beautiful grounds may seem like a harmless pursuit, barbeques present a significant risk of fire, damage to land and a potential threat to wildlife. Therefore, barbeques are not permitted anywhere within university grounds, including halls of residence, unless part of a centrally organised event where appropriate approval has been obtained

The possession, use or discharge of any weapon, explosive or detonator. The use (or storage) of fireworks, similar pyrotechnics, or the release of sky lanterns on University grounds or within University residences is forbidden unless part of a centrally organised event where appropriate permission has been obtained.

We may remove any of the items listed above or anything else which is a hazard. Further regulations on weapons and hazardous items can be found in the University’s Code of Discipline.



Students are warned that the use or possession of illicit drugs is strictly forbidden in the Hall and its precincts and will result in disciplinary action being taken. The University operates a zero tolerance policy on drugs.

Repeat offenders found with Class B drugs will be referred to the Senate Disciplinary Committee and will face suspension from University accommodation by The University Assessor. Students found with Class A drugs will face immediate suspension from University accommodation and referral to the Senate

Disciplinary Committee.

Any student found to be using or supplying illicit drugs will be reported to the Registrar, University Assessor and Security who may inform the Police.


Student Conduct

We have set a Code of Conduct for our students to ensure that high standards of communal life are maintained, and common values are shared. All students should familiarise themselves with this.

For more information on processes around student conduct and related discipline, please see our full guidance here.



We hope that you enjoy your time in halls but if something occurs that is not satisfactory, we are here to help you.

To find out more, please refer to the online complaints page which outlines all types of complaint and their related procedure.







Welfare and Support


Your wellbeing is important to us when living in halls. We want to help make your experience as positive and supportive as possible. We are always here if you need us.


Residential Assistants

You should speak to an RA if you are unsure of how to deal with an aspect of living in halls, whether this is a noisy neighbour, an argument with friends, or you are feeling a little bit isolated. It is likely they have been in a similar situation themselves, and they are there to guide you and make sure you know that you are not alone.


The Residential Assistants, or RAs, work as part of the Residential Experience (ResX) Team. If the RA's can't help then the ResX team probably can. ResX work closely with all of the support services across the University to ensure you receive a joined-up approach to whatever challenges you might face during your time in Halls. You can contact ResX on or for more urgent issues by calling 0115 748 7600 (option 2) from 9am to 3:30am Monday to Friday and 6pm to 3:30am at weekends.


Other support

As well as the RAs, there is an abundance of support available, whenever you need it. As part of the University community, we want to make sure you are always able to thrive. You can find all available support services here.


Financial Support

If you have any queries regarding paying for your accommodation, or you encounter financial difficulties, please contact Student Account Services. They are able to assist you with setting up payment plans and discussing instalment dates, and can signpost you if you in need of further support. You can email the team at