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Meet the Team


Professor Richard Emes

Job Title: Professor Richard Emes is the Director of Bioinformatics. 

Research Focus: Professor Emes' research focuses on the integration of genetic/ genomic data and the development of methodologies to analyse these data. 

Two driving interests of the group are comparative genomics to understand gene function and evolution and epigenetics.




Professor Jon Garibaldi

Job Title: Professor Garibaldi is the Director of Informatics. 

Research Focus: Professor Garibaldi's main research interest is in the development of artificial intelligence techniques for biomedical decision support and in the modelling of human decision making, primarily in the context of medical applications. 

His work to date has concentrated on utilising fuzzy logic to model the imprecision and uncertainty inherent in medical knowledge representation and decision making. 

This has been applied in areas such as the assessment of immediate neonatal outcome, the detection of pre-cancerous changes in cells through analysis of FTIR spectra, and the assessment of complex multi-modal datasets in, for example, breast cancer prognosis and early detection of Alzheimer's disease.   



 Phillip Quinlan

Dr Philip Quinlan

Job Title: Chief Technical Officer

Research Focus:  Phil's formal background is in computer science, most recently applying this to integrating datasets within tissue banks. His PhD was in the use of Argumentation theory to aid the analysis of biomedical data generated from tissue bank samples. His interests are in bringing together the broad range of specialities that are required in order to provide a data analysis service that can meet the challenges presented by big and diverse datasets.

Research interests include exploring how knowledge can be represented to allow data analytics to be exposed to a greater level of artificial intelligence.




Dr Dov Stekel 

Job Title: 

Dr Dov Stekel is Associate Professor of Integrative Systems Biology at the Multidisciplinary Centre for Integrative Biology, School of Biosciences, University of Nottingham.

Research Focus: Dr Stekel's research group  uses mathematical, computing and statistical techniques to build predictive models for biological systems, with the aims of best interpretation of experimental data, deepening our understanding of how biological systems work, and helping to inform the design of future experimental work.   



Dr Grazziela Figueredo

Job Title: Data Analyst

Research Focus: Dr Grazziela Figueredo is a computer scientist specialising in intelligent analysis of complex data and multi-scale modelling and simulation.

Her first PhD focused on developing an immune-inspired algorithm for instance selection in large data sets, at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.  Her second PhD, completed at the University of Nottingham, focused on the development the translation of simulation approaches for immunology problems.

Her research interests include artificial immune systems, computational modelling of the immune system, knowledge discovery in databases, bio-inspired computing and multi-scale modelling and simulation.



Dr Tom Giles

Job Title: Data Analyst

Research Experience: Dr Tom Giles is a technical bioinformatic support scientist specialising in the analysis, visualization and integration of high throughput genomic data (From Next Generation Sequencing / Microarray technologies). 

His main research interest involves the study of the interactome and its relationship to the environment. 



Dr Jo Moreton

Job Title: Data Analyst

Research Experience: Dr Moreton is a Bioinformatician specialising in the analysis of Next Generation Sequencing data. Her PhD focussed on the examination of patterns in Affymetrix microarray data and their relation to RNA processing. 

From 2010 to 2013 Jo worked at the University of Nottingham's Next Generation Sequencing Facility, "Deep Seq". During this time she was involved in many different research projects including genome re-sequencing, RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, MeDIP-Seq and RIP-Seq. 


Andrew Warry

Job Title: Data Analyst

Research Experience:  Andrew Warry originally trained as a molecular biologist and worked as a laboratory scientist on a range of organisms including plants, bacteria, fungi and nematodes, he later changed tracks specialising in molecular biology software training and bioinformatics, subsequently obtaining an MSc in Applied Bioinformatics from Cranfield University.

His main research interests lie in exploiting Next Generation Sequencing data to answer questions  relating to pathogenesis in a range of organisms.



Amir Pourabdollah

Job Title:  Research Fellow in Computational Data Analysis

Research Experience: Amir has been a research fellow at the University of Nottingham since 2009, after he did his PhD and MSc in Computer Science at the same university. He has a wide range of research background, including ad-hoc data modelling, geospatial data management, developing artificial intelligence solutions in data analysis and decision support systems under uncertainty, particularly using non-singleton and type-2 fuzzy logic systems. He currently works is on developing data analysis infrastructure for biobanking projects (UKCRC in the UK and BBMMRI-CSIT across the EU) as well as for Nottingham Molecular Pathology Node project (NMPN).


 Jurgen Mitsch

Jürgen Mitsch

Job Title:  ADAC Data Analytics Graduate Programme

Research Experience: Jürgen has an M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany. His has experience in Data Analytics in both academic and commercial environments. This includes the application of supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques on temporal and non-temporal data, as well as model performance evaluation and model selection.

 Tahseen Jilani

Tahseen Jilani

Job Title:  Data Analyst

Research Experience: Dr. Jilani is a computer scientist with computational Statistics and complex data modelling background. He has research experience in health informatics, fuzzy time series for financial predictive modelling and neural computing. He has PhD in Soft Computing with Applications in Actuarial Sciences and double master’s one in Statistics and other in Economics.
His research interests include fuzzy logic, Statistical machine learning, knowledge and data engineering, probabilistic reasoning, bio-inspired computing, time series analyses, Econometrics and how to fuse different fields to gain beneficial outcomes.



Jim Craigon

Job Title:  ADAC Affiliate Member: Statistical Advisor

Research Experience: Jim's expertise combines design, statistical analysis and interpretation of experiments in the biological and environmental sciences, computer modelling of plant environment interactions and quantitative ecology. 


Advanced Data Analysis Centre

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