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Portrait7 Ife Tokan

Ife Tokan

Ife is the Founding Managing Director of the University of Nottingham Africa Summit and is a recent alumni of the University's Business School. While Ife was at the university he studied Finance, Accounting and Management and was the 6th President of the African Society.

Ife currently works as a management consultant at Atkins Global. He has previously worked with other firms such as PwC, Accenture, Deloitte and Foresight Group. Ife enjoys reading and writing, from time to time Ife writes for the Huffington Post and Bella Naija.

Portrait3 Demi Akingbe 

Demi Akingbe 

Demi is the Head of Speakers and Sponsorship for the University of Nottingham Africa Summit 2017. She is in her final year of Law. She plans on doing a dual masters degree in the USA; an LLM and an MIA (Masters in International Affairs). Demi has been a member of the Africultural Society at the University of Nottingham and was the events co-ordinator last year.

Demi is an avid reader and during the summer of 2015 wrote a book which has gotten rave reviews from friends and families. She plans to continue work on the book and eventually move on to publish it. Over her entire education she has attended only international schools, often being one of few Africans in her class. Promoting Africa and all its potential has been part of her everyday life and makes her specifically equipped to be part of a summit dedicated to exploring the future of Africa.

Portrait6 Debbie Johnson

Debbie Johnson 

Deborah is part of the Marketing Team.  Deborah’s role is to grow awareness of the first Africa Summit in the East Midlands. She is currently a third year undergraduate at the University of Nottingham, studying Industrial Economics. Deborah has always been involved in empowering young people with information and understanding, through mentoring programmes and charitable organisations.

The theme of ‘where is Africa going?’ will be a great event to get young people aware of the relevant topics within Africa from prominent individuals in different fields.

Portrait5 Victor Udeozor

Victor Udeozor

Victor is the Co-Founder & Deputy Managing Director (Marketing & Communications and Security & Logistics) of University of Nottingham Africa Summit. He is currently a final year PhD candidate (in Business and Management) at the University of Nottingham where he is presently also the President of Nigerian Society. Before starting his doctoral research, Victor completed a master’s degree in Entrepreneurship with Distinction. He is a Vice Chancellor and Nottingham University Business School Scholar.

Victor currently works as an Associate Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at Nottingham Trent University. Victor is passionate about youth Leadership, youth entrepreneurship and youth development. In his spare time, he enjoys doing web development and graphics design. He is also very active on twitter where he writes about entrepreneurship, politics and human relations.

Portrait1 China Chapman

China Chapman 

China is part of the Marketing Team for Nottingham’s Africa Summit and is a recent graduate from the University’s BA hons Architecture course. Whilst studying at the university, China has been the publicity officer of the architect’s socials society and a competitor for the University’s street dance team.  China presently works Penoyre and Prasad LLP who are renowned for their hospitals and educational institutions.

China has also worked with firms such as Make and Form architects. She is inspired by architects such as Kunle Adeyemi and David Adjaye who have objectives to strengthen Africa’s infrastructure. She is of Nigerian and British decent and hopes to use architecture as a tool for social change in her future design ventures into the global south. 

Portrait2 Osman Adamu Dufailu

Osman Adamu Dufailu 

Osman jointly coordinates Security and Logistics. He is from Ghana and currently a PhD Microbiology finalist at UoN. His research was on bacteria proteins that are potential vaccine candidates. He is also interested in investigating how bacteria hijack host defence in addition to understanding how bacteria secreted proteins can contribute to some genetic and neurological diseases.

Moreover, He is passionate about good leadership and development and has excelled in leadership roles held both in Ghana and the UK, organised conferences and actively participated in both scientific and community outreach events. He motivates, mentors and inspires both his peers and youth to realise their goals. He is excited to be part of the maiden Africa Summit which will showcase both Africa and UoN to the world.

Portrait9 Philemon Gyasi-Antwi

Philemon Gyasi-Antwi 

Philemon is part of the Sponsorship Team for the UoN Africa Summit 2017. He is of Ghanaian decent and a graduate pursuing a PhD Degree in Immunology as a Vice Chancellor’s scholar. Philemon is an alumnus of Linacre College, University of Oxford, where he studied for a Master’s in Integrated Immunology as a Commonwealth Scholar.

He has considerable experience in youth leadership and mentoring, and currently works as an International Student Ambassador for the University of Nottingham. He has served in several leadership positions, most effectively as President of the Nottingham University Ghanaian Students’ Society and as the Trustee Member of the Tertiary Education Scholarship Trust (TEST for Ghana), a Ghanaian Charitable Trust founded by alumni of Linacre  College, Oxford. Philemon is passionate about Africa’s development particularly in the areas of biomedical research, and believes this maiden Summit will bring together people who share similar beliefs in the potential of Africa.

Portrait4 Uyi Maxinova Okunkpolor

Uyi Maxinova Okunkpolor  

Uyi jointly coordinates Security and Logistics for the university of Nottingham Africa Submit. He recently Concluded his undergraduate studies in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Nottingham. Uyi is looking to forward his studies with a master degree program in entrepreneurship and management.

While at University Uyi started an entertainment company called Cre8ive entertainment, He enjoys planning and managing events, and he recently just started a Vlog.

Portrait8 Ugochi Nwabuikwu

Ugochi Nwabuikwu

Ugochi is our Coordinator of Speakers  and is a final year Law Student at the University of Nottingham. Ugochi has a keen interest in grassroots development and policy-making especially within the context of the development and well-being of children in Africa.

Having a strong passion for the Arts, she is particularly keen on how the lives of children could be improved using the Arts as a platform; going beyond the orthodoxy of institutional education, which she believes is, to a certain extent, ingrained in the approach towards education in Africa.

You can find Ugochi listening to music most of the time, or engrossed in the works of a newly discovered creative. She is a lover of culture. She also enjoys watching animations, foreign-language films, and family time.


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