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New Tier 4 (in-country) online visa application form

New Tier 4 (in-country) online visa application form

There is a new Tier 4 visa application form (for UK based visa applications only).  This information is only relevant if you need to extend your Tier 4 visa in the UK in the near future.

If you need to make a Tier 4 visa extension, please use our guidance notes and sample application form which takes you through how to answer most of the questions on the form.  Family members can be included on the form if they are applying at the same time as you.

If your family members need to apply separately (but within the UK) for example, if you have a new born baby or a spouse / partner who is switching from another immigration category to be your dependant, you may also find the following links useful:



If you are part way through a Tier 4 visa extension application in the old system, our understanding is that applications can be completed and submitted until midnight on 25 February 2016. After this time, all applicants must use the new system.

Posted on Friday 19th February 2016

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