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Beyond Ambition: From Passion to Innovation 

Welcome to our Alumni Webinar Series. Each of our short, themed talks turns the spotlight on alumni who have turned their passions and interests into a career.  

Whether it's on a topic you're already interested in or you want to explore a new area, this is your chance to learn from and interact with one of your fellow Nottingham alumni speaking on a subject they're passionate about. 

Our latest webinar


Enlightened Perspectives

It’s an easy cliché that people can fall into one of two groups - those who are logical, focused and analytic and those who are broad-minded and creative. It may have it's appeal, but things aren't as clear cut as this myth would have you believe and the two can work together to benefit each other in so many ways.

We chatted to Louise Emerson (1984), business consultant, coach, and former Cheltenham Festivals' CEO… and graduate in Electrical Engineering.

Original air date: 5 September 2018

Our previous webinars 


Behind the Camera

Sky Sports Director Steve Livesey (History, 1999) shares how he started his career in television and takes us into the world of sport broadcasting, revealing what makes sports coverage so exciting, dramatic and unmissable. 

Original air date: 21 March 2018



Into the Blue 

Award-winning underwater cinematographer Roger Munns (Mathematics, 1996) takes us beneath the surface as he reveals what it’s like to work beneath the waves. With unique insights into our underwater world, Roger explains how the extraordinary sequences we see in shows like Blue Planet II are filmed. 

Please note, clips of Blue Planet II are unavailable in this recording. Visit the  Blue Planet II website to view clips from this iconic series.    

Original air date: 24 January 2018



Reaching for the Sky

Leading architectural expert Antony Wood (Architecture, 1991) reviews current trends in skyscrapers and explores principles for the future development. He considers how we can work towards sustainable cities with a higher quality of life, and answers questions on how tall buildings shape our urban environment.

Original air date: 12 September 2017 



What is a webinar?

Our webinars are live, web-based video conferences that connect speakers with alumni across the world, allowing you to expand your knowledge and discuss topics with the experts in real time. 

All our webinars are hosted via Adobe Connect. If you've never used the platform before you can  test your connection online.  

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