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This is no ordinary graduation

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Welcome to a Graduation without Borders

We know that for many of you, Friday 24 July will begin many hours before the sun rises over Nottingham, UK. Therefore, in a world-first, we have decided to run a 24-hour celebration that rolls around the world through a series of social media sunbursts that bring together our community of graduands, alumni and partners in different time-zones.

Log on to your favourite social media platform at the event start time for your time zone and share your 'graduation' story using #WeAreUoN.

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What does your 'graduation' day look like?

Who will you celebrate with? What will you miss about Nottingham?

What won't you miss?

What are you looking forward to the most when you can graduate in person?




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What advice can you give to our new graduates?

What do you wish you knew when you graduated that you know now?

What alumni clubs/groups can graduates join in your country?





Partners (218x150)


What advice can you give to our new graduates?

What stories can you share of your experiences working with Nottingham?

What services are open to our new graduates in your country?








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Event timings
GroupTime zone  UK start time
Asia-Pacific UTC +12 TO UTC +9 (Time zone) 1am (UK start time)
East and Southeast Asia UTC +8 to UTC +7 5am
Central Asia, Middle East, Eastern Europe, East Africa UTC +6.5 to UTC +4.5 7.30am
West Asia, Middle East, Eastern Europe, East Africa UTC +4 to UTC +3  10am
Central Europe and Central Africa UTC +2  11am
Western Europe and West Central Africa UTC +1  12pm 
West Africa UTC +0  1pm
South and Central America UTC -3 to UTC -5  5pm 
North America UTC -6  7pm



Congratulations to our graduating medics

Our class of 2020 medical students graduated in April to join the NHS in the fight against Covid-19. Professor Shearer West, President and Vice-Chancellor of the Univeristy of Nottingham, along with senior staff from the Medical School, congratulate them and offer words of wisdom.

Live on The One Show!

In April, our Class of 2020 medical students were welcomed into the medical profession by Professor Gillian Doody, Dean of Medical Education, live on The One Show.

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Alumni Engagement

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t: +44 (0)115 823 2408