Law After the Pandemic - An online discussion with the School of Law

Law After the Pandemic: Watch the recording now

The School of Law at the University of Nottingham presents ‘Law After the Pandemic’. In this session, our panel of law academics discuss the latest developments in a number of key areas - such as public procurement, insolvency, human rights, global health emergencies and technology - and answer questions from our audience of alumni, students and friends. 

Click on the recording below to hear how the legal landscape has been dramatically impacted by the global pandemic, and how our researchers are exploring the most controversial and cutting-edge issues.

This webinar was recorded on Thursday 10 March 2022.

Meet our panel of speakers
Professor Marko Milanovic presents “Human Rights After the Pandemic”

Marko will address some of the acute human rights questions arising during and in the wake of the pandemic – from regulating online misinformation, through Covid passes and vaccine mandates.
Dr Christy Shucksmith-Wesley presents: “Global Health Emergencies: Lessons for Readiness”

Christy will present the initial findings from a recent socio-legal project, which included interviews with emergency planners, including those in COBR (COBRA), the NHS and Public Health England (now the UK Health Security Agency).
Professor Irit Mevorach presents “The pandemic and its repercussions on business: insolvency law responses”

Irit will discuss the responses of insolvency law to the health crisis as countries endeavoured to avoid an ‘insolvency pandemic’ and as they strive to provide an effective rescue and insolvency regime for businesses in a post-pandemic world.

Dr Alina Trapova & Dr Nicholas Gervassis presents: “Law and technology issues in a post-pandemic setting"

Alina and Nicholas will discuss the regulatory impacts of the pandemic, and how the use of online technologies have become more of a widespread public concern with subsequent lockdowns. We’ll discuss broader liability issues (platforms, intellectual property rights, harms) and cybersecurity.

Professor Annamaria La Chimia presents “Lessons from the frontline of the Covid-19 responses. Using procurement to build back better”

Annamaria will first focus on the challenges faced by public procurement officials when procuring during Covid-19 and the regulatory responses to such challenges. The talk will then discuss how the lessons learnt from procuring during the pandemic can be used for an inclusive and speedy recovery.


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