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Why Help to Grow can help transform your business

Later this month sees the next intake for our Help to Grow: Management course, which helps managers in small or medium-sized businesses learn a range of skills at the hands of Nottingham University Business School's leading academics. If you need a bit more convincing to sign up help is at hand!

Help to Grow: Management is a government-backed course aimed at small and medium-sized business from across the UK. Nottingham University Business School was one of the first in the country to offer the course which is aimed at senior leaders in SMEs. Led by business experts and entrepreneurs experienced in successfully growing their businesses, the course covers strategies for growth and innovation, leading high-performance teams and digital adoption, as well as financial management and responsible business practices. 

“Alumni from across the country have already returned to the University of Nottingham to take part in Help to Grow: Management,” said Professor David Park, Associate Dean for External Engagement. “Our experienced mentors bring unique insights to the course, and we have found that participants appreciate being able to share their experiences and take the time to step back from their day to day business to gain new perspectives.” 

Help to Grow: Management is 90% funded by government, meaning businesses pay just £750. It includes 50 hours of in-depth training, 10 hours of one to one business mentoring, and the opportunity to grow your business, fast. You can take part around your existing work commitments and access learning through a blend of online and face-to-face sessions. By the end of the programme you will develop a tailored business growth plan to help take your business to the next level.

Our top five growth tips to take your business to the next level 

  1. Clearly define why you are looking to grow (and what success will look like). Use these goals to prioritise potential actions and messaging.
  2. Focus – do not try and change everything at the same time (while recognising that the potential levers you could use to enable growth are clearly linked to each other).
  3. Communicate widely as to what you are doing and why – especially across your existing team.  Actively seek engagement and dialogue around your plans on an ongoing basis – not just a ‘one off’.
  4. Seek external support (it’s likely to exist and may even be low cost or free). Skills development, mentoring, access to enabling digital tools - whatever is relevant and required to help realise your reasons for growing.
  5. Do not be forced into rushing a decision if you are not sure about it.  Instinct is great but rectifying choices that don’t work out can often cost a great deal in terms of time, money and external profile.


Nick Ray, director and co-founder of Claratus Commercial Finance Ltd said: “I attended the University of Nottingham as an undergraduate. Help to Grow: Management offered me a fantastic opportunity to come back to study here and learn from a leading Business School.

“It was great to take some time to be outside of the business, and to receive support from mentors and facilitators. It helped me develop my ideas for the strategic direction of the business, how to market to our customers and to look afresh at our processes. The best thing for me was be able to spend time on the business, rather than in the business.

“The peer working has been really helpful. I found it a really supportive environment for sharing information and assisting each other. And in addition, some of us are already taking our networking to the next level by doing business together. I would encourage anyone thinking about the starting the course to sign up– it’s a great opportunity to grow your business.”

If you would like to explore issues like this through a practical management training programme, then step through the door to growth today!

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