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Tackling drug resistant infections – are we moving fast enough?

Lord O'Neill, chair of the Review on Antimicrobial Resistance

Imagine a world where routine surgery is life-threatening, where a simple infection can no longer be tackled by antibiotics, where the medical advancements of the last century are jeopardised. This could become our reality, if the problem of spreading drug resistance is not combated. 

Infections are already on the rise - more than 50,000 lives are lost each year to antibiotic-resistant infections in Europe and the US alone. So what is being done to address one of the biggest crises facing the world today – and are we moving fast enough? Join us this January to hear this question explored by one of the foremost authorities on this global challenge – Lord O’Neill of Gatley.   

One of the biggest challenges of our time

This year, a ground-breaking report published by the Review on Antimicrobial Resistance, proposed solutions about how to tackle this global issue, informing strategies adopted by the UK Government and the United Nations. Chaired by Lord O’Neill, the Review considered all aspects of this challenge to identify ten key fronts to tackling antimicrobial resistance – including public awareness campaigns, building a global coalition for action, and establishing a Global Innovation Fund for research and development.  
An internationally-renowned economist and experienced policy advisor, there are few as well-placed as Lord O’Neill to understand the broad range of global interdependencies and international interests at play within this issue. With over 30 years’ experience in the finance sector and roles in the UK Government, most recently as Commercial Secretary to the Treasury from 2015 -2016, his acclaimed expertise in global patterns of growth and economic development means he offers unique insights into one of the biggest challenges of our time.

Your exclusive invitation to hear Lord O’Neill speak

As part of our exclusive Chancellor’s Lecture Series, Lord O’Neill will deliver an insightful and engaging lecture into the analysis and recommendations detailed by the Review’s report, reflecting on the responses given by government, academia and industry, and the progress made on the crucial interventions required to tackle this issue. With a number of researchers working in this field at Nottingham, the lecture will also feature a panel discussion along with an opportunity for audience questions. 

Secure your free place at this unmissable event: 

When: Tuesday 24 January 2017, 6.30 – 9 pm

Where: Royal College of Physicians, London

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Delve further into this fascinating topic

Creative solutions to tackle this crucial issue are being investigated by researchers here at Nottingham. Professor Liz Sockett has recently published a ground-breaking piece of research, demonstrating that a naturally-occuring predatory bacterium can work with the immune system to clear drug-resistant shingella infections. 

Read more about Liz's research - and listen to a discussion on the topic on BBC Radio 4's Inside Science. 



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