Volunteer spotlight: Lawunmi Nwaiwu

Lawunmi is an author and the founder of The Moment of Truth Business Reality Show Nigeria.

She has over a decade of experience as an entrepreneur, project manager, and visionary leader.

Lawunmi is passionate about empowering and amplifying young entrepreneurs in the UK & Nigeria.

She has featured in publications like, M.I. and Glam Africa magazine. Lawunmi continues to drive the mission to offer invaluable advice and resources to help entrepreneurs reach the next level and make an impact in their communities.

Lawunmi Nwaiwu

Please introduce yourself and tell us a little about you/your career.

As the founder and CEO of The Moment of Truth reality TV show, I have more than a decade of experience empowering and amplifying young entrepreneurs in Nigeria and the UK since 2021.

I hold a master's degree in International Marketing and Business and built a professional career in events, marketing and business. Through speaking engagements and mentorship, I equip early-stage entrepreneurs and graduates with essential tools and resources they need to advance in their career. I've participated in charity projects empowering disadvantaged women and students globally.

What drew you to the Ingenuity Lab at Nottingham Business School?

One of the things that drew me in was its commitment to fostering an entrepreneurial mindset and encouraging a culture of innovation. Nothing beats an environment that really encourages you to think boldly and differently.

From the moment I delivered one of their roundtable sessions on developing an entrepreneurial mindset, I could feel the energy and excitement buzzing around new ideas and fresh thinking from these business students. What really resonated with me was the Lab's focus on providing students with real-world opportunities whilst connecting them with mentors, industry experts, and encouraging a supportive community.

What kind of impact does giving your time to support budding entrepreneurs have?

Investing my time to support students and entrepreneurs is one of the most rewarding and impactful experiences. Although I did not secure employment in my field of study right away, this circumstance motivated me to establish my own venture, leveraging the knowledge I had gained during my university education. It also prompted me to explore and develop additional skills aligned with my academic background, positioning me for the perfect career prospect and then share these experiences with students to also get them thinking about their career path before graduation.

The journey of entrepreneurship is filled with challenges and success, but it requires passion, determination and hunger for knowledge to succeed.
Lawunmi Nwaiwu

What advice would you give to Nottingham students hoping to go down a similar career path to you?

My advice is for them to know that people like me have walked the path they are about to embark upon. I wish I had the opportunity to receive guidance from alumnus and experts during my time as a student - it could have better equipped me for the realities of life during and after university. The real work commences before you graduate. Had someone shared this wisdom to me back then; perhaps I could have avoided some delays in kickstarting my desired career.

The journey of entrepreneurship is filled with challenges and success, but it requires passion, determination and hunger for knowledge to succeed. In the early stages of my career, I underestimated the grit it takes when the going gets tough, and so I reminded myself when I started my entrepreneurial journey. Foster a collaborative mindset and cultivate connections in the early stages of your career. This will pave the way for opportunities and help bring your ideas to life. All it takes is one step out of your comfort zone and the courage to act.

What does volunteering and sharing skills mean to you?

I'll say they are some of the most rewarding experiences you can have. We've all been blessed with talents and abilities that can make a real difference in the lives of others. If I was speaking to students directly, I'd say to take any relatable opportunity you can, even if volunteering in your desired career field. Grasp those opportunities.

Any upcoming exciting plans to let us know about?

I will be launching a new consultancy firm to guide aspiring entrepreneurs in developing their own startup, craft actionable business strategies and support students/graduates in navigating their career paths after university. I'm very excited about it! 

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