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 Medical 50-30 QMC construction

Help us celebrate our Medicine and Nursing 50:30!

2020/21 marks not one but two anniversaries in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, as we celebrate 50 Years of Medicine and 30 Years of Nursing at the University. We have a whole year’s worth of activities planned, culminating in a Gala Dinner here on campus next spring. We're kicking off with an online launch event in September to celebrate our history and look to the future of the two schools - hearing from inspiring staff, students and alumni too.

We would love those of you who have been part of its history to share your stories with fellow alumni and we've created an online profile form for you to fill in - we'll share some of these throughout the year. We kick off below with Geoff Davies, one of the first Medicine cohort back in 1970!



Geoff Davies now-then

Geoff Davies - Class of 1975 (Medicine) - Retired Consultant in Occupational Medicine for the RAF

I was given an unconditional offer when I had C,D,D at A-level (how times change). As the first person from my extended family to go to university I was a bit overawed to start with. However, all of the students, and the staff, were very friendly and welcoming. It was very special to be in the first year of the new Medical School and I think we all felt very proud of what was being built. The staff were exceptional and listened very carefully to our feedback, as much of the course had never been tried before. Some things worked brilliantly but inevitably some of the new things didn't work quite as well as hoped. Professor David Greenfield did a magnificent job. In my view there is no doubt that he should have been given a Knighthood. He was ably supported by the key Professors in the main Pre-Clinical and Clinical specialties. All of the students admired them and were very grateful for their effort and commitment.

The key messages I gained from the Medical School were to be compassionate towards patients, communicate with patients, their families, and your own colleagues. All of my clinical and managerial work both in the RAF and civilian practice has been based on these principles.

Based on your experience what advice would you give to students about to enter the job market now?

Decide what you want to do and then make a plan for how to achieve it. Focus on being thorough, communicate well. Don't be afraid to be confident in your own opinion. Pay attention to detail when applying for jobs e..g. have a good understanding of the people and the organisation you are looking to join.

What is the most valuable thing you've learned in the last 10 years that has helped you build a career?

Continually reflect on what you do, be positive and confident, but make sure that you are constructive in your assessment of yourself so that you can learn lessons from things you do wrong. Someone once told me 'the hardest thing in life is to realise your own limitations'.

Sum up your time in Nottingham in three words:

Rewarding - I felt that I had been well trained. Camaraderie - there was a great bond between us students as we were the first group and relatively few in number. Focus - on patients' needs.

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