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Experience the world and gain valuable life skills by studying abroad.

There are a range of options that give you the chance to travel and experience different cultures while still working towards your Nottingham degree.

And studying abroad will make your CV look vastly stronger.

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Maria Hage went to the University of Toronto

Reading adventures and imagining myself in them, I knew studying abroad was an opportunity to travel and live those adventures. I knew what I wanted and the Archaeology department supported every decision I made, from university choice to financial support. I remember seeing the email from the University of Toronto, Scarborough Campus, and I remember wishing it would load faster. My acceptance letter appeared, and I could feel that this was going to be life-changing.

I’ve grown not just in dress size (poutine is delicious!), but as a person, through all the new experiences I’d never have had a chance to know. I learned from professors with their different archaeological and anthropological approaches, I met people, made friends, had gaming nights and parties celebrating different cultural holidays. I was even chased by a racoon once.

My favourite hangout was behind the residence, where there was the Highland Creek that runs through a valley for 5km, before reaching the Great Lake Ontario. On a cliff overlooking the creek, I witnessed a weather phenomenon called diamond dust. Down the slopes leading into the valley, I heard coyotes howling at sunset and saw their footprints in the snow. Along the path following the creek to the Lake Ontario delta, I trekked with my friends through the woods then followed the coast, admiring picturesque houses with mailboxes.

Maria Hage in Toronto as part of the study abroad scheme


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