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Field trips in 2014-15

Ross Balzaretti had his students trekking through the beautiful hills of north west Italy, doing research on anything from the revival of local festivals to studying fluctuations in deer population, for his module on the landscape history of Liguria.
Richard Goddard’s students experienced not only a deserted medieval village in Lincolnshire, but also a visit to Cheapside to witness the way in which the fossilised remains of medieval merchant houses and shops are still visible in the early 21st century.
David Laven guided his second-year students through the back-alleys – and wine shops – of Venice, showing a side to the city’s history missed when you stick to the tourist track. 
Rob Lutton’s students working on popular religion in the late middle ages visited a 15th-century church in Nottingham and a macabre charnel house on Fleet Street.


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