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How we'll work with you

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Our target client base is small and medium sized enterprises in:

  • Nottingham City, Ashfield, Broxtowe, Gedling and Rushcliffe
  • the wider D2N2 region

Let's explore the possibilities together

Immersive experiences

We'll look at how to create compelling interactive content that can be deployed across a variety of immersive interfaces. This might include virtual reality and augmented reality headsets, projected interfaces that support touchless interactions such as domes, to smartphones and other everyday personal devices.

Online experiences

Investigate how to take such experiences online, working with technologies, including streaming and social media, to successfully connect remote participants.

Blended experiences

Discover how to connect online and existing physical experiences and connect physical and virtual performers and/or audiences. The aim will be to enable local and remote participants to share an experience side by side. This will include taking immersive experiences out of a venue and onto the ‘city streets’.

Monetizing experiences

We'll share strategies and best practice for monetizing online and blended immersive experiences, with a particular focus on the challenges of exporting to international audiences.  

Understanding the experience

Address how to evaluate the audience experience to inform future designs and marketing strategies. This will the legal and ethical considerations of capturing user data and using that to  understand audience behaviour.   

Activities that suit you

We've a journey of events that that allow companies to deepen their engagement with the possibilities at a pace and depth that suits them.


  • Introduce key concepts and technologies
  • Provide and demonstrate inspirational case studies
  • Foster cross-sector networking and facilitate ideation


  • Masterclasses
  • Intensive hackathons involving hands-on access to immersive technologies and toolkits, delivered by technology and subject specialists
  • Access to market experts who know how to embed immersive experiences into a business


  • Based on your individual needs
  • Delivered by experts from our Talent Pool
  • Access to technology and development support

Value Capture Impact

  • Showcase of new experiences and products
  • Market testing
  • Explore distribution partners

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The cultural and creative industries have experienced some of the most extreme impacts from the restrictions imposed in response to the COVID19 pandemic. This project will bring together academic research and technical expertise from across the university to deliver a programme of significant knowledge mobilisation and innovation in support of the local creative and cultural industries to help them thrive.
Professor Helen Kennedy, Professor of Creative and Cultural Industries, University of Nottingham


Live, Experiential and Digital Diversification: Nottingham

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