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Immersive technologies can help audiences and customers engage with performances and products in exciting and innovative ways.

Add digital layers to physical products

We can move beyond text, static images and video to help people experience what it's like to use something before they buy. Emotional engagement is a strong driver of sales and loyalty.

Enable richer shared experiences while socially distanced

We can create an online festival platform that lets friends and family meet in virtual environments to share live experiences together. As well as improving a sense of community a virtual platform can help expand the reach of a performance, both geographically and through increased capacity.

Increase collaboration and creative development

We can enable the creation of a documentary film with live score where the production, rehearsal and performance is across time-zones. International travel restrictions can be overcome, resource use is reduced and a blended release strategy can be used to include audiences who can’t be present at live performance screenings

Improve accessibility

Immersive technologies can add layers of information and understanding to increase the diversity of an audience for the same performance or event. This can expand numbers and open up opportunities to attend to previously excluded audiences.

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The pandemic has really accelerated the use and acceptance of digital technology in the cultural space, we have all streamed live events, zoomed with friends or taken part in an activity virtually this past year. We want to take this further and develop this digital appetite to benefit SME’s who are looking for innovative ways to boost their product or performance. We will be listening to what SME’s and our partners tell us they would like and working to deliver technology to meet their needs.
Professor Steve Benford, Professor of Computer Science, University of Nottingham


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