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Think a Minute: Famine

From the Think a Minute Channel: philosophical ideas served up in a minute or less.


Philosophy File: The Philosophy of Sports Fans

From the Philosophy File Channel: discussing philosophy with University of Nottingham experts.


Eye Trackers

Dr Kathy Conklin demonstrates using eye-tracking software to better understand reading behaviour.

Recording the History of Southwell Workhouse

Tutors and student archaeologists carry out a detailed survey of the buildings.


How to reconstruct a Bronze Age City - Pavlopetri - BBC2

From the BBC programme City Beneath the Waves: Pavlopetri - Dr Jon Henderson leads a team of underwater archaeologists.


Word Counter

Dr Kevin Harvey analyses emails to better understand young people's attitudes to health.

Bibledex: Genesis

From the Bibledex Channel: a video about every book in the bible.

 The Theology Series


Words of the World

Words of the World

Choose words from Words of the World to discover their origins, meanings and changes of use over time.




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